THIS GROUP TO SAY WE ACCEPT NUDISM FROM ANY ONE NUDISM is not for some certain races or some certain religions... we all EQUALS... we here to say YES to Everyone.

Racism and Xenophobia

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I live in the UK and as many people may know that we voted to leave the European Union ,When the Campaign was fought the Leave campaign mad Immigration and issue claimingthat Britain was over run by Immigrants from EU countries ( Poland in Particular was mentioned ) , now that we have voted to leave, people from Poland have been verballyabused , physically attacked and in one case a Polish Man was murdered in Harlow in Essex,There has also been an increase in Hate crime against , Black and Asian Brits too by these racists , who seem to believe that the Brexit result has now given them Licence to behave in this way ,
In the United states we have heard Donald Trump's hate towards Mexicans who he has stated are all rapists and that he wants to build a wall between the United States and Mexico and make Mexico pay for the wall ?????
For those of us who oppose Racism and Xenophobia these are dangerous times however thisis the time we should now be active and showing our opposition to Racism , I wonder what experiences other members of the group think and what campaigns they are involved in or what experiences they have had in their part of the world

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RE: Racism and Xenophobia

IMHO xenophobia is a product of our evolution. The human species survived partly out of an inherent fear of those that are different from our "tribe".
That said, we're no longer cavemen living in caves and we've evolved beyond the need to fear those who are different just as a gut reaction. The problem is that as our societies face challenges there are those who cease the opportunity to blame certain groups as scapegoats.
But again, we've evolved beyond fearing / hating others because we're being told to do so without examining the facts for ourselves.

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