Nudist Costumes

This group is for those who like costumes that show more than textile people would. Holiday pics are especially fun to share.

Really micro bikinis

I love looking at young ladies sunning themselves in these tiny numbers. However nude is best.

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I wish that I could go partially nude to...

There are several nude sci fi costumes that would be fun to wear to that event.

Bow tie or regular tie?

I am putting together a nudist clown costume. Should I get a bow tie or a regular wide tie?

Have a howling good time...

for halloween... Feel free to upload pics to the group either costume in progress and/or from parties that you go to in October. I am open to comments and suggestions about the group or on my costumes.

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I like to plan ahead for halloween...

At least, I am dressed right ;-) Let's have a howling good time this year.

Nude or semi-nude is more fun to do, but...

I like my rabbit costume.

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Banana Nudes

I haven't decided whether it would be better to make a Banana Nudes "sticker" to go over my face or paint my face blue with wrighting on it.

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I need an elf

I have an art show coming up at the beginning of the month and I need new material for the show. That means I need a beautiful woman who will pose nude for me so I can create set of fantasy images about a playful elf who is entertaining herself with...

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Pocono Fantasy Photo Art

I am an aspiring Photographer and Graphic Artist. I have always been fascinated by the nude human form, especially the nude female form which is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. But my passion is developing fantasy images of fairies, elves,...

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