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When I first visited TN, I was new to nudism. I thought I wasn't normal for wanting to be naked, especially in front of others socially. Is there something wrong with me? I wanted to know how others felt their first time. They were not easy to find. This group is for us to help them, the new, the curious. Open to all your first time stories, whether home, the beach, a spa or clubs. Your first...

First time socializing with others in a nude setting

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This topic, for us, piggybacks on the discussion about the first time nude at the beach. The nude beach was our first attempt at social nudism. It worked out well for us and we spent two years visiting the beach but mostly stuck to ourselves. I'd been offered to play volleyball with a group there but didn't want to leave Di alone, as she was still trying to become a bit more comfortable being there in that environment.

We sat down one day and a couple came and sat near us. They were a little younger than we were and they were meeting a family there, a couple with 3 kids. The kids played in the water as their dad watched over them. Their mother sat and read and the younger couple made eye contact, smiled and waved. We'd seen them there before a few times but never engaged in conversation.

The younger couple and the family were down at the waters edge making the family's daughter into a sand mermaid. The were using sand, stones, seaweed. When they were done, we got up to go see the finished product. They all stated that "too bad we don't have a camera." I said, "I know this will sound concerning but we have a polaroid camera in our backpack if you'd like to take a picture for yourselves?" To that they said, "yeah, bring it over, if you don't mind." They asked me to click a few pics and we gave them to the family. We ended up sitting closer together and talking and getting to know one another and became beach friends. We lost track of the family. The kids got older, involved in sports and they visited the beach more infrequently. The younger couple we became closer friends with and spent several years going to the beach together.

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RE:First time socializing with others in a nude setting

Our first time was at a local resort.
I had only practiced my nudism at home and one solo trip to a nude beach and was ready to venture out and broaden my nudist experience. My wife wasn't there yet but finally relented to join me in my social nudity"coming out"

The hour drive was filled with emotion, excitement, nervousness, anticipation and daring. We arrived at the entrance, confronted with an intimidating 10 foot tall wooden gate guarding the way to an unknown world. Was I really going to do this? Could I? A surge of anxiety almost overtook me. Part of me wanted to turn around, the other part telling if I did I would always regret it. Am I really here, at a nudist camp?

My emotions were surreal, my wife sitting next to me, my soulmate, willing to be by my side even though she had no desire but to support me.
A quick phone call and the massive gates roll open with instructions to proceed to the first building on the right. We parked and I battled with the moment of truth. It's now or never as I left my car and walked to the door.
Inside I was greeted by Willy, a short, stocky 70-ish man wearing nothing but a ball cap and sandals, sitting behind a desk, drinking a can of Busch. Not the visual I expected as I swallowed hard at the culture shock. My mind racing, I shoved aside the urge to leave and tried to act natural while I provided my personal information and credentials. He was such a nice guy, reminded me of my grandfather, only naked! The anxiety slowly ebbed and the naturalness of the moment took over as we continued to discuss the park. I was instructed to follow his vehicle to the pool area. When we walked out the front door, I gave my wife a smile and a wink as I saw her awestruck expression, watching a naked Willy walk over to his pickup truck!

We carried our supplies poolside and Willy offered to introduce us to a few of the regulars at the other end playing cards. It was a surreal moment. Naked people, playing cards! Like it was a perfectly normal thing to do! Then it started to finally sink in! It was, it was natural. It was bold perhaps but it was refreshing. No inhibitions!

As we walked back to our things by the loungers we chose, Willy informed us that the protocol was that patrons usually strip in the parking lot, as we were still fully clothed. He had allowed us to acclimate at our own pace before he left and told us to enjoy our stay.
After a few minutes of arranging, the time had come. Annie had already decided it was going to be a bathing suit for her. Looking at me, she gave me that, "Well....?" look. By now, I was as comfortable as a first time nudist could be as I removed my shirt and shorts, officially revealing myself to anyone who cared to see. It was exhilarating, freeing and had a natural comfort as I officially entered the world of social nudism for the first time.

We spent the day there mostly to ourselves with the occasional chatting with some of the guests. Annie eventually relented and gave up her top but drew the line there! I embraced every bit of it, eventually taking a hike and touring the grounds.

I'm so glad I never turned back. It felt so refreshing and rewarding, even a sense of accomplishment. My only regret was that I waited until I was in my 60's before I took the first step into a world I had a life long curiosity about.

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RE:First time socializing with others in a nude setting

Lee, I don't know if I could have gone nude my first time if my wife didn't join in. You should ask Annie to share why she decided to join you in full nudity and why some of the people here ran her off.

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RE:First time socializing with others in a nude setting

Our first time socially nude was at a hot springs. We had tried on a few occasions over the years at hot springs but we were never able to try. Some years ago, we started on a Colorado Hot Springs Tour, trying to visit as many hot springs that we can always trying to find the Natural Hot Springs that we have only heard about.

While visiting a far away resort, a patron told us of a closer one that they enjoyed more than the one we were at. We made plans to go and stay the night. My wife mentioned the trip to a friend of her and that friend told her that we should try VVHS because she knows that I like to take landscape photos and that the place is beautiful, but it is clothing optional. My wife couldn't wait to get home and tell me about it. I looked it up online, called to see if we could visit but was told we would have to call the day of our visit to see if they had any openings.

We had massages scheduled at 7pm at the resort we were staying at so our plan was to drive the 1 hours past that resort and spend a few hours at VVHS then drive back in time for our massages.

On that morning, We called and were able to get day passes. We made the 3.5 hour drive all the way wondering what it would feel like being nude outside with others (we have been nude in our back yard at night and in a friends pool while they were out.) We followed the map to the turn off, in front of us, a mountain, it seemed so close but no sign of life or resort. We drove the long dirt road that seemed to go on forever all the while my stomach was getting tighter. We arrived at a small welcome building next to a parking garage type arm that requires a token to open. We parked in the visitors area before the gate at the same time as a 2 women and 4 children in a Mini Van. We are here, we are finally going to do this after 30 years of wanting.

We checked in at the desk and since it was our first time as well as the family that arrived just ahead of us, we had to go through an orientation. They told us what the rules are and where would could find the different pools, sauna and restrooms, gave us our tokens and told us where would could park. That was it, we are going in. The other family parked in a different lot than we did. We didn't know what to do next. Where do we undress? What do we do with our cloths? We did see other people walking around dressed our wearing robes. We decided to undress at the truck and just put our robes on. We hid between the truck doors as we took our cloths off and put our robes on leaving our cloths in the truck and only taking towels, water and keys.

We walked to the first set of pools. On the way, we passed the family at the kiddie pool. The women were wearing suits and the kids were nude playing in the water. Okay, this is really happening. When we arrived at the pools we decided to try first, there was one man in the water and a woman on the deck talking to him, he was nude, she was robed. We put our water down, put our towels on the pole and disrobed. Here it is, I am nude, outside with others around. No one is staring, no one is laughing. How exhilarating! We talked to the guy for a while and decided to walk up to another pool. We put our robes on and walked up the hill. The family had moved to that pool and now the mothers were nude as well. People of all ages and sizes were engaged in conversation. They welcomed us in and into the conversations. I left my wife there while i hiked to the upper pools.

We had to leave in order do make our appointments but decided that we would cut our time short at the other resort and come back the next day. I was hooked.

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RE:First time socializing with others in a nude setting

To continue with our story, the younger couple we became friends with we also the very first people we had over to our house for a nude gathering. After our days at the beach, we'd drive up this hill to a home that belonged to our female friend's mother and step father. Her parents were pretty well off and had a home in Hawaii where they spent a lot of time. This left the home at the beach unoccupied quite a bit but with their daughter and son in law visiting the local nude beach, they also had frequent house sitters and someone checking on their home while in Hawaii.

We'd frequently either meet at the beach or we'd pick them up and drive together. We'd head up to the car and head to our friend's parents home to get cleaned up and go out to dinner. We had two favorite places; a Mexican food place and Italian place. Di and I were usually very comfortable with being nude in all other types of environments but this couple seemed a little hesitant about being nude at her parents home... or so we thought. We'd taken showers and they gave us the guest room to leave our things and then get dressed for dinner. Di and I emerged from the guest bathroom where we'd showered together and gotten ready to go but remained naked the entire time with the bathroom door open. I asked for some water and our friend said that there was probably water in the refrigerator. I walked naked into the kitchen and helped myself. Di was warm from the shower and walked naked to the back wall of sliding glass doors and took in the 180 degree view of the ocean. I stood there next to her and we talked about the view.

Our friends emerged from the master bedroom dressed and were taken back with our nudity... later to find out it was our comfort with nudity in someone else's home. We apologized and stated we'd get dressed but they stopped us and stated that had they known we were that comfortable with being nude in someone else's home, they would have remained naked and we could have ordered in. We laughed about it and we got dressed and we went to dinner. Subsequent visits to the beach and up to their parents home we alternated going out and staying in and naked. We never spent the night there only because these new friends had lots of animals to tend to. No kids and no intention of having any but they had horses, ducks, two geese, a couple of goats, dogs and cats. They all had different feeding times and they hated having neighbors caring for their animals so they rarely spent the night anywhere away from home.

In an effort to spend more time together and since they only lived about 15 mins south of us, we invited them to come and spend the day and evening with us at our home. This was the first time we'd ever had any other nudists at our home. For me, it was another feather in my cap and bucket list item to check off; having other nudists visit our home and be naked. For my wife, she wasn't as eager but willing to give it a try. It worked out great and they visited quite often. At times, they didn't want to leave. We offered for them to stay overnight but... the animals needed to be fed.

We also did lots of clothed socializing with them and their family members. We finally met her parents. They'd known about us for a couple years and even offered for us to house sit when their entire family vacationed in Hawaii at their other home. Regrettably, we never took advantage. It was difficult with two younger girls. Their entire family would poke fun at the four of us about going to the nude beach. Apparently our friend's mother went several times and went topless but not completely nude. Her step father wouldn't go down there. They asked a lot of questions of us. I think it was to see if our answers matched those of their daughter and son in law. After a while, the questions and poking of fun dwindled to nothing.

One day on the beach, the four of us decided to try and resort and we did, together, for the first time but that's another story. We are still distant friends to this day but haven't seen them in years and only hear from them through an annual Christmas card. Nudism is the only thing we really had in common. Though they weren't that much younger than we were, about 8-10 yrs., their interests were different, no kids, no interest in making more nudist friends. Once our nude beach was taken away from us, we stopped seeing each other. They preferred the beach and we got into clubs and resorts. Something they weren't too keen on.

Having them visit a nude resort with us early in our social nudism venture really helped Di get comfortable with that environment. Di prefers nude venues with all the amenities and these friends preferred the more rustic places. More of what we didn't have in common. But that first visit to that nude resort with this couple opened up our visits to this place where we have met 3 other couples that we are very close friends with and have lots in common. We've been friends with these couples for close to 20 years and communicate a few times a week.

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RE:First time socializing with others in a nude setting

For this conversation I am going to eliminate situations where I was nude but my wife wasn't; or short fleeting chats. I'm talking about prolonged interactions where everyone involved was naked.

My first time was with Cheri at Travelites. I'd gone there alone because my then-wife had not relocated with me to GA yet. But she'd been gracious to agree to me going alone. I was a bit lonely because I didn't know anyone there; but I ended up having a long chat with Cheri. I remember thinking to myself afterwards how natural it'd felt just hanging out and having discussions, naked, with a person of the opposite sex without any "weirdness." I was hooked on social nudity after that.

My wife then joined me on a return trip to Travelites. There we met another couple; and my wife and the woman just naturally "hit it off." This interaction doesn't "count" though because my wife at that point preferred to keep on her sarong when interacting. To her credit though when her sarong came unfastened while chatting, she allowed it to just drop and stayed topless. But anyway the couple subsequently invited us to visit them at their home.
After some debate about it, my wife agreed to pay them a visit. When we arrived and knocked on the door; well they were both naked. And they immediately encouraged us to "get comfortable." I turned to my wife, because I knew she was "put on the spot." She was clearly nervous about what to do next. I got naked and leaned toward her to let her know she was perfectly safe. This was going to be her first time being completely naked in an "intimate closed setting" with relative strangers; so I understood her nervousness. Once she was naked, she did just fine. She plopped down on the couch and we started socializing, drinking and being silly. I think she remained just a little bit nervous the entire evening; but still got in a good mood and enjoyed our naked "soiree."
This turned out to be a "groundbreaking" event for my wife. We decided to spend the night; and the next morning, my wife was visibly much more comfortable walking around nude. I think our female friend had a lot to do with it; as her total comfort with nudity impressed my wife and gave her something to "emulate." The experience provoked a change in my wife about interacting with other people whilst naked.

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RE:First time socializing with others in a nude setting

I have had to think hard whether or not this qualifies as a social nude setting, and have decided to share it regardless if it is or is not. I was a nationally ranked swimmer in high school, but went to four different high schools (just the way my life turned out) and in my senior year, I had returned to Cincinnati after living in California. Since I had discovered skinny dipping when my family moved on to a lake in Indiana at the age of ten, all of my nude experiences had been solo either skinny dipping in the lake or taking my clothes off in the woods that surrounded the lake or while hiking in Colorado ... my horny experiences with girl friends not included. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to swim for a team with a coach who was incredible, and once the regular season was over, only those of us who qualified to go to state continued to train. Throughout the regular season, twice a week we would go to a gym that was owned by a former Bengal's football star in the wee hours of the morning before school and before their regular member hours. The guys would go on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the girls on Mondays and Wednesdays. After we were done with our lifting, we guys would always shower (open shower like most were in that era) and then hit the jacuzzi until it was time to get dressed and head to school, and yes, we remained nude while in the jacuzzi. This jacuzzi was in a room between the men's and women's showers which each had a frosted glass door. But when it came time for preparing for the state meet, since there were far fewer of us (eight guys and five girls), we ended up going to the gym and working out together. Us guys did not even consider changing our routine, and thought nothing about going into the jacuzzi to relax before school. So there we are, five of us guys sitting naked in the jacuzzi when one of the girls, Suzie, opened the door to the girl's shower room. stuck her head in and asked us what we were doing. We replied that we always used the jacuzzi before getting dressed, and she looked back into the ladies shower and said something to someone else, and the next thing we knew, all five girls came in naked as a jaybird to join us in the jacuzzi. This ended up being a very interesting experience since some of the guys had never even seen a naked girl before in real life. One of my friends was a committed Jewish believer and definitely had not expected to be sitting next to one of his fellow female swimmers naked! Keep in mind that we were all top level swimmers and had typical swimmer bodies, so these girls had incredible bodies. Add to that the fact that swimmers shave down when they prepare for big meets and some of us guys (me and three others) and all of the girls had shaved our pubes in addition to our other body hair, leaving us guys with the visual impact of seeing bare clean shaven vulva for the first time ever! After fifteen minutes, one of the girls said that they had better get ready for school, and they all got out, but we all stayed in. Suzie asked us if we were going to get out, and one of the guys said, "in a few minutes", and they just shrugged it off and proceeded into the girl's shower. It turned out that we all had very hard erections (yeah, me as well) and did not want the girls to see us. So ... I guess using the jacuzzi with the guy swimmers was my first social nude experience, but that day was the first coed nude experience, and one I will never forget!


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