Nudist First Time Stories

When I first visited TN, I was new to nudism. I thought I wasn't normal for wanting to be naked, especially in front of others socially. Is there something wrong with me? I wanted to know how others felt their first time. They were not easy to find. This group is for us to help them, the new, the curious. Open to all your first time stories, whether home, the beach, a spa or clubs. Your first...

My First Time being Naked in Public

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My First time

I must say I wasn't ever a teenage yet. At the age of 8 I found a National Geographic mag. Read an article ( with picture's ) of a tribe of natives in South America that wore no clothes. After seeing all the happy people I new I wanted to live this way.
I grew up in South Florida . The Miami Herald had an aticle about a nudist resort that was putting on a play of Adam and Eve. My parents being very religious I asked if we could go and watch the play. Hoping to finally be naked around other people beside my parents. NO! was the answer. Not what I was hoping for. So that weekend I got on my trusty bicycle and head for the beach. I new of a road that my dad and I had driven on to go fishing. It dead ended just below Port Everglades. At least 2 miles of natural Florida vegetation left and right. To the right was the Atlantic ocean once you walked through a shallow marsh and sea grape trees then it open up to sand and a short walk to the beach. So I pedaled my bike to near the end of the road. Hid my bike in the brush. Grabbed my beach towel of the basket. took my T-shirt and shorts off and wadded through the shallow marsh. Mid way in crossing the marsh I noticed a man setting on a branch of a sea grape tree totally naked. At last I had found what I was looking for. I waved and went on to the beach passing several naked men and a few women. laid out my beach towel and spent the day naked getting a great tan. When school was out I would spend summer break at the beach and on weekends when school was back in. Happy Happy

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