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When I first visited TN, I was new to nudism. I thought I wasn't normal for wanting to be naked, especially in front of others socially. Is there something wrong with me? I wanted to know how others felt their first time. They were not easy to find. This group is for us to help them, the new, the curious. Open to all your first time stories, whether home, the beach, a spa or clubs. Your first...

First Visit to a Korean (nude) Spa

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Before I became a full blown nudist I was going through a real curious stage.
While my wife and I were out shopping one day and conversing with a check out clerk. The clerk commented about a local spa with a steam room and sauna, and that it was totally nude. She really perked my interest! Plus it was right near our house.
I convinced my wife we should go take a tour. She wasn't very intrigued about the whole nudity thing but I was really thrilled and convinced her to check it out with me. Afterwards, she wasn't sure..... I couldn't wait!
Ever since I experienced a sauna as an adolescent while staying at my grandparents retirement community, I always looked forward to any available opportunity to sauna. The thought of being able to do it nude was a whole new level of anticipation.
I was raised to feel the exposing your naked body to others, even if it's the same gender, was inappropriate, but I never really believed it. I wanted to experience it and figure it out for myself.
I finally committed to a day. It had been 40 years since my high school and Navy, gang shower days so I was a bit self conscious. Once in the locker room and kept my back to any one passing by as I stripped down. The towels were across the room so when the coast was clear, I quickly made my way and grabbed one to cover myself before I stepped into the wet area.
I proceeded to the last stall for maximum privacy and took my shower. It seemed silly to be nervous but I really felt awkward in the moment so I did the towel dance as I walked out of the stall into the open.
It was right then that it hit me! An epiphany! I'm being ridiculous! This is natural! It's all men! I through my towel around my neck and never looked back.
I spent several hours there in the wet room that day, cycling between the sauna, steam room and pools, never thinking twice about covering myself again and totally enjoying the comfort level I had in my new found liberation.
I became a regular and went every week after that, loving my social nude time and my detox. I eventually graduated to a nude body scrub and massage on a monthly basis which took the experience to whole new level. Letting a masseuse work his hands over virtually every inch of my naked body, in an open room, for all to view.
I've looked forward to my regular spa visits since day one. It has become my detox and decompress ritual. I can tell when I'ts been too long, like lately, with the covid issue, and I need my "fix"!
I've never felt healthier as a result and it was my segue to becoming a nudist.

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RE:First Visit to a Korean (nude) Spa

A little background for context.

We have been wanting to try social nudity for more than 30 years. Each time we tried, something happened that prevented us from getting to try.

A few years ago before I became a nudist, we heard about coed night at a Russian spa. We went and found out that suits are required on coed night. Foiled again. We did enjoy the spa and decided we would come try on our segregated day (they have mens days and womens days when it is all nude.) By the time that I did, I had already had my first social nude experience. I also have always showered and walked nude in the gym packer room so being nude around other men was no big deal for me.

Going to the Korean Spa was different in a lot of way for me. First, I was in Atlanta so there were a lot more black people there. I was much larger and had a lot more areas to explorer. I also had a body scrub. My preference for a masseur is female. I have had males but prefer women. Because the sexes are serrated in the wet area, I had to have a male scrub me. It was a wonderful experience. I have not had one at my local Korean spa or the Russian spa but I will.

I had my first un-draped massage today but I will leave that for another topic.

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RE:First Visit to a Korean (nude) Spa

I/we have never been to a Korean Spa and the closest I can find is in Los Angeles. It's about 65+ miles from where we live but could take well over 2 hours to get there. LA is what we call... "geographically undesirable!" Besides the length of time to get there, because of traffic, it's just a PITA in many ways. Looking for one down in San Diego but haven't found one that appeals to me/us and haven't heard of anyone visiting one they like/liked down there. Be interesting to check it out.

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RE:First Visit to a Korean (nude) Spa

When the weather was nice we would take the boat out on Lake MI to a secluded area and we would get naked. We could see where other boats would anchor together and it looked like the women would at least get topless. However my wife wanted nothing to do with that. So social nudity seemed to be out of the question. However my wife is a massageaholic. So when she goes to seminars I normally arrange an in-room massage for her. So one time when she went to Chicago, I was talking to the hotel concierge to arrange a massage and she mentioned a Korean spa. After checking it out online, King spa in Niles IL(Chicago burb), I thought it sounded great. Being a farm boy and playing sports I was use to skinny dipping and gang showers with the guys. My wife was a little apprehensive at first as she was not use to gang showers. However the body scrub was the key for her. She said that she was not sure she wanted to get naked in front of others, but you have to soak naked in a hot tub for 15 minutes before the scrub. She said that once she realized that there were all body types and nobody cared she got comfortable. After the first visit she made me schedule an every 2 to 3 month trip to the spa and we normally spend the night there. Chicago traffic is not as bad as LA but it still sucks. We even started to schedule vacations trying to include a Korean Spa. We have been to Spa World in Centreville, VA (DC burb) , Havana Sauna in Aurora, CO, Imperial Health & Spa in Vegas and King Spa in Dallas. As a result of my wife feeling more comfortable in a social nudity setting we went to our first nudist resort Sun Ridge Resort in Sterling, CT on an East Coast vacation. She really enjoyed it so we started to check out the nudist resorts around us. We ended up buying a RV so that we can go to more resorts. And now that covid lockdown is lifting here in MI we are heading up to Spruce Hollow Campground in Mesick MI soon.

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