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When I first visited TN, I was new to nudism. I thought I wasn't normal for wanting to be naked, especially in front of others socially. Is there something wrong with me? I wanted to know how others felt their first time. They were not easy to find. This group is for us to help them, the new, the curious. Open to all your first time stories, whether home, the beach, a spa or clubs. Your first...

First time hesitant spouse/sign. other took the lead with nudism

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It's always interesting how some hesitant or unwilling partners suddenly make that turn and become the lead person in your social nudist venture. For those of us that experienced that, what are your stories of how that came about.

For us, it happened at the nude beach. We'd visited several times before Di would agree to much more than sitting in our chairs, lying on a blanket to sun her backside and a trip into the water to cool off and tinkle. ;DDD She refused to take a walk on the beach each time I suggested it. She was content just doing what we were doing.

One day we visited the beach and sat next to a older couple. The woman was quite fair and sat under a large umbrella and a big white hat. She sat with such confidence. At some point in the early afternoon, she looked over at Di and they struck up a friendly conversation. I was down at the waters edge looking for stones and shells. While heading back up to my chair, I could see that they were just finishing up their conversation. I no sooner sat down and Di says, "lets go for a walk on the beach." I figured she'd slip on her sarong and cover up but she did not. She rose from her chair with a confidence I'd not seen in her in many situations. She seemed quite proud that she was naked and had made that decision all on her own.

We walked in front of this woman to begin our walk and Di waved at her and said, "nice talking to you." The woman replied that same. Di was almost giddy about our first naked walk. I remember we walked and walked and I thought, maybe we should turn around now, but she wanted to keep walking. We finally reached a portion of the Marine base where clothed military beach users were and we turned around. I was amazed at how far we'd walked. With that same confidence, we walked back and I thought we'd walk back up to our chairs but she wanted to continue walking north to the nude/textile boundary, in front of all the other nudes enjoying the beach.

We got back to our chairs. I kept my mouth shut... I didn't want to ruin the experience with dumb questions. She then said, "aren't you gonna ask me what's gotten into me?" I responded, "I'm afraid to ask!" hahahahaha She said she had a nice conversation with that woman and though it wasn't earth shattering info, she was so impressed at this older woman's confidence at being nude and just enjoying life and the day. Di figured, hey... I can do this. I can be that confident, and she just decided to do it.

It was a turning point for Di, nudism, social nudism and being a confident nudist. After that day, I never had to make all the plans and decisions to go to the beach, visit a resort, visit a club or make travel plans further away from home that included nudist venues. Di was more than wiling to make those for us. It was then that we began our mutual enjoyment of planning our nudist days, weekends and long vacations.

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RE:First time hesitant spouse/sign. other took the lead with nudism

At one of our earliest nude experiences, we spent the night at LARC in , north of Seattle. We decided to walk over to the hot tub for a while before turning in. As we arrived, we saw that there were 3 guys in the tub. We disrobed and gently slipped into that warm, wonderful water, contrasting to the 60+ air temp. We stayed about 30-45 min and had a nice conversation with our tub mates. On the way back to our park model accommodation, my wife remarked, " I've just been nude in a hot tub with total 3 strangers, and I'm ok with that." So was I because she had been comfortable in a what could be described as a potentially uncomfortable situation. My wife has never looked back. For which I am very glad!
(By the way, Larc sold out to a textile organization this year and is no more.)

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RE:First time hesitant spouse/sign. other took the lead with nudism

My wife has on a couple of occasions; but was my first wife who "did it" in the most memorable way.

It was at a non-landed club. It was her second time accompanying me there. And she didn't like non-landed nudism much because to her it meant being in "someone's house surrounded by naked strangers." She was ok at that point with "private nudity" at the resort, away from the crowd; but non-landed was "too close for comfort" for her. The only way I was getting her to go with me was by letting her stay "saronged-up" the entire time. It was a bit frustrating to me but I knew better than to complain about it. It was better then nothing.

That particular day she was in a worse mood than usual. We actually had a heated exchange as we arrived but it was definitely too late to turn back. In hindsight I think it was the fact that we were going to one of the member's house for the first time; and she just got really nervous about being in "some stranger's" house out in the "middle of nowhere, SC". But anyway there was a lot of tension in the air as we pulled up. We were greeted and shown the "changing room." I got naked and my wife wrapped herself in her sarong and "double-tied" it; leaving no doubt as to her reluctance being there. We proceeded to the living room. There were a few women - all nude - being very active in the kitchen, while guys were out on the patio having drinks. The event that day was a potluck. One of the women walked right up to my wife and told her they could use "another set of hands" in the kitchen. Even though my wife was in a bad mood, she couldn't turn down the invitation. I was invited to have a drink on the patio.

I'm not sure how much time went by. But I could occasionally hear my wife giggling; so I figured she was doing ok. And then I heard a familiar voice saying: "dinner is served everyone!" I turned and saw my wife, standing - completely naked - in the doorway, grinning from ear-to-ear. I almost spit out my drink. She then proceeded back into the house and resurfaced carrying food trays, set them up on the table; and then grabbed paper plates and started loading them up with food. And then walking around and serving them to the other attendees. She wasn't just helping out; she had basically taken charge of catering the event. No perceptible self-consciousness whatsoever. I watched in disbelief as she served plates, refilled drinks, occasionally stopping to chat with attendees; being naked right in front of them without any apparent discomfort. I couldn't wrap my head around it. After making sure that everyone was "properly served", she finally took a break to eat herself. She came and sat right next to me, gave me a little sarcastic look as if to say: "well aren't you surprised?" and proceeded to eat without saying a word. I had no idea what to say either.
The evening went on and turned into night. People started getting dressed and leaving. My wife was still naked, helping our hostess clean up and seeing the attendees off. I realized at that point that she just did not want to get dressed! Someone walked up to me and expressed their admiration for my wife for being such a confident nudist and charming woman. I thought to myself: "if only he knew that just a few hours ago she wasn't happy at all about being there!" I then walked into the kitchen and found my wife chatting with our hosts; and when I asked her if she was ready to leave, it was clear she still wasn't ready to get back to the textile life. She clearly had been "bitten by the nudist bug!" So we stayed an hour longer, in spite of the fact that our hosts were clearly ready to call it a night! But they were gracious and even though our hostess had put on a robe at that point, she understood my wife had been "bitten", took it off; and hosted us in "nudist fashion" a little while longer.

We didn't talk about the event much on the way back. My wife fell asleep in the car shortly after taking off and I never really "got around" to asking her what had happened that day - I guess out of fear she might regret it. But it doesn't take much "detective work" to figure out what probably happened. She had found herself in a kitchen interacting with 3-4 very friendly naked women. And she was covering up. Whether one of the women brought it up and made her self-conscious about not being naked like them, or she'd just decided to join them and drop the sarong on her own; I'll never know. But what is clear is that she eventually decided to take off her sarong to help out. And after interacting naked with these women for a while, she actually started relaxing and having fun (hence the giggling I overheard). And so: she saw first hand how comfortable the other women were with nudity, felt "just fine" being naked around them herself; and thus realized she could fully participate in the event and not feel "weird." And what better way to "participate" than to actively take charge of the catering of the potluck. She made her entry into social nudity with a "bang", so to speak.

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RE:First time hesitant spouse/sign. other took the lead with nudism wife just "took the lead" today; and I'm totally stoked.

We had to cancel a nudist resort outing I'd planned today due to inclement weather. I was disappointed. I mentioned to my wife that I was a bit saddened by this; as we are going on vacation in 2 weeks and will have little other opportunity for social nudism this month - with every week end in August already planned out.

My wife then recalled a brochure she had picked up last year at TLR - advertising a nudist B&B that had left her with a good impression. And it just so happens that it's not far from where we will be vacationing. And without skipping a beat, she gets on the computer and cancels the last two days of our hotel stay, calls the nudist B&B, and books the last two nights of our vacation there. I stood there, quite frankly seriously impressed. I then ask her if she's actually ok with two nights - and almost three days - of our vacation spent naked there. And she just replies that she's happy it makes me happy. And confirms that she's actually very much looking forward to it herself.

This is the first time my wife has taken the lead as far as actually planning a nudist venue stay; and being enthusiastic about it. And for three days to boot!
My wife is not an avowed nudist like I am. So the fact that she was so empathic towards my social nudity needs - to the point of being willing to be nude for almost three days - is what makes this so special. I'm going to have to think of a very special way of thanking her!

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RE:First time hesitant spouse/sign. other took the lead with nudism

Nudony, that's great news indeed! We're always happy when our significant other not only accepts nudism but becomes a willing partner and joins in it with us. It's much more than icing on the cake when they become the one to plan it without our assistance in any way. Good for her and for you. Enjoy your vacation and your time at the B&B.

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RE:First time hesitant spouse/sign. other took the lead with nudism

Thanks Andy!

I have done nudist resorts, nude beaches, non-landed clubs and nudists' homes. But this will be my first B&B. I'm curious to see how that nudist experience will be different/similar to the other nudist settings.

No doubt I will share it afterwards, in a post obviously titled: "First Time at a nudist B&B"!

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