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When I first visited TN, I was new to nudism. I thought I wasn't normal for wanting to be naked, especially in front of others socially. Is there something wrong with me? I wanted to know how others felt their first time. They were not easy to find. This group is for us to help them, the new, the curious. Open to all your first time stories, whether home, the beach, a spa or clubs. Your first...

First Nude Boating Experience

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Shortly after becoming a self proclaimed nudist, my wife and I planned a trip to the Gulf Coast. We have a favorite place in Destin that has many fond memories for us. My daughter was even married on the beach there. One of the days we were to be there, I planned a day for us to rent a pontoon boat with the hopes I would be able to shed my suit for a while. As a newbee, I wasn't quite sure the opportunity would allow much but I was sure that some was probable.
We packed up for our day and were on the dock when they opened so we could be first out. Loaded with beverages, food and music. The weather was perfect, sunny, high 80's was the forecast and it was already hitting high 70's by the time we got there. Our boat loaded up and instructions out of the way, we left the dock and headed for the bay. I had done some google maps research ahead of time and had a basic plan, the sound heading toward Pensacola looked promising as there appeared to be some potentially nice areas to anchor for the day that would offer some seclusion. Gotta love Google satellite! Once in the somewhat open water of the bay it was time to break out the sunscreen and shed the textiles. There were other boaters around but not near enough to be an issue so we started to lather up for the day. Out of nowhere it seemed, a fishing boat came speeding up near by in eye shot of us while I was standing and wifey was applying lotion where I couldn't reach. The lone fisherman just gave us a big smile as he sped by, my total nudity being quite obvious.
We headed up the sound at a nice leisure idle enjoying the sun and the scenery in the comfort of our private tour boat, up the waterway. After several miles, we entered into the area the satellite imagery had revealed, a scattered cluster of small,sandy, reed covered islands dotted through that area of the sound, all being quite secluded.
We finally came upon one that offered a natural cove, maybe 100 feet across, facing the uninhabited reed covered embankment across the waterway! It was absolutely perfect! We dropped anchor and situated ourselves to spend the day.
Aside from an occasional passing fisherman. We had our own private cove with our own private beach, Better yet, it was a sandy bottom with a consistent depth of 3 to 4 feet. Perfect! We were able to spend the whole day there swimming, wading, floating eating and whatever else we felt impulsed to do with only occasionally having to guard ourselves from other boaters. It was 6 hours of total nude bliss.
As we neared the time to leave, we organized our gear and regretfully pulled up anchor for our slow trip back. Myself feeling comfortable to enjoy the trip back in my natural state Annie had to somewhat cover up as the traffic was steady, eventually the proximity of other boaters made it no longer acceptable to continue nude for fear of being exposed to boaters with family aboard, the potential line of sight from the occasional flying bridge or the tour boats passing by as we neared the dock area.
We ended the day with a nice dinner out, then nude patio time as we enjoyed the sunset from our balcony, watching the beach combers into the dusk.
What an excellent way to enjoy the day, one we hope to repeat.

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RE:First Nude Boating Experience

Sure is nice to be able to get out on the water. And find a quiet spot to enjoy your wife. Thanks for the memory

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RE:First Nude Boating Experience

We use to go out on Lake MI with the boat and get naked. There is an LGBTQ friendly town on Lake MI that use to have the only public nude beach in MI. Unfortunately the owner died and the land was sold to the city and they expanded their textile beach, so now MI has no official public nude beach. It is a great place to launch a boat and has a lot of dune area so houses cannot be built. We would see where other boats would anchor together and it would look like the woman would at least be topless. However my wife wanted nothing to do with that so we would find a secluded area to get naked. Unfortunately for the last 3 years the weather did not warm up Lake MI enough to enjoy so we ended up buying an RV. The story of why we bought the RV is in the Korean Spa discussion.

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RE:First Nude Boating Experience

The first time I was naked in a boat, I was 12 years old and had just discovered skinny dipping after moving on to a private 100 acre lake in Indiana, and after seeing a bunch of older teens doing it through binoculars across the the bayou where our family beach was located a few years earlier. I was intrigued and while out on our 16 foot john boat fishing late at night, I decided to take off all of my clothes (It was summer, so all I had on was a swim suit) to see what that felt like. I was at least a hundred yards from shore in any direction and it was a moonless night, so I had no fear of being discovered. It was very liberating, but short lived as adults in a bass boat came puttering around the edge of the peninsula five minutes later, so I had to throw my Speedo back on. But it left desire in my heart to try more.

I got naked whenever I was out on the lake at night and I knew I had time up until the house was sold and we moved away. I always wanted to go nude boating on Lake Powell but could never arrange it. I am retired now in Ohio, but if my circumstances change, I will buy a boat and move back west, and get naked out on Lake Powell as often as I can.


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