Nudist Outdoor Adventures

Hey everyone I enjoy the "Nudist Outdoor Adventure Activities" group but the moderator deleted their account and is no longer active. So i wanted to restart the group for better interaction. Group for those nudists whom are interested in outdoor adventure activities such as mountain biking / kayaking/ canoeing/paddle boarding / caving / rock climbing / sky diving, etc .... Any of your...

Naturist Men's Backpacking Group

I'd like to invite you to join a new Meetup group I started: Naturist Men's Backpacking Please check it out and see if you'd like to join and take part in creating our first venture out...

First Nudist Resort Experience!

Nudist Gang! I did it. lol Finally visited my first nudist resort. First of all if you haven't taken the leap I highly suggest you do it!!!!! I was completely nervous and almost turned away! literally I drove an hour and half to get there and...

Visiting VA and NC

Hey everyone I am visiting the area for a few days and hoping to meet up with other nudist. I will be flying into Norfolk, VA. I am also trying to plan an evening at white tail resort. If anyone is planning to go between may 10 and may 15 (2021) let...

A needed moment

If there was ever a day to get out and get natural in nature... stepped away from work and t.v. to briefly enjoy this 75 degree January day. History will still be there when i get back. But for now, I'll clear my head.

Nude Skiing in Colorado

Bluebird Backcountry just needs to hold an all out nude ski day. See the linked article.

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Naked at Deadmans bay beach

Looking for hiking company for exploring the shoreline. During the summer months. Can leave from the parking lot naked.

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Always looking for new ideas

I have done alot while naked outside, (Sun tanning, hiking, rock climbing, swimming) I am looking for other idea's and people to do them with. Hope to hear back from others. If your looking to meet in person I am in Durham region, Ontario,...

Lower Hudson Valley nudist

I love hiking nude, but have seldom been able to find places to do it. Any Northeastern nudists in group? With locations to share?? Id live a group or solo or one on one.

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Naked Hikers.

I came across some beautiful and inspiring nudist hiking pics this morning. I wanted to share them in hopes of inspiring y'all as well. Hope you enjoy them and hope they inspire you to go hiking naked! Adam

At what temp...

At what temp do you stop doing things naked outside? It varies for me. Dead calm and sun I can do quite a bit at what most folks would consider way too cold. Like 40s F. I have shoveled snow off the hot tub and deck at temps below freezing . But if...


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