Nudist Outdoor Adventures

Hey everyone I enjoy the "Nudist Outdoor Adventure Activities" group but the moderator deleted their account and is no longer active. So i wanted to restart the group for better interaction. Group for those nudists whom are interested in outdoor adventure activities such as mountain biking / kayaking/ canoeing/paddle boarding / caving / rock climbing / sky diving, etc .... Any of your...

Winter Solstice in the Desert

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I spent most of Dec 21st hiking and Geocaching nude in the desert west of Tucson in near perfect weather. It was a little cool, low 60's, when I started out in the late morning but in bright sunshine and no wind it felt fine. The temperature topped out in the mid 70's, a real treat for the shortest day of the year. I hiked several miles in two different areas and found 3 caches nude, GC2D04, GCFAD3 & GC10CPG. I found three others that were next to the road on the way in while clothed. I had looked for one of the caches over a year ago but did not find it. I found it this time without much trouble. There is one more cache in that area that I'll go for some time in the future. I'm planning to establish my own cache out there soon. I'm trying to contact the BLM to get permission but so far not getting any reply, maybe because of the holidays. I've already hiked through the area for my planned cache, nude of course. There are photos in my profile of the area.

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