Nudist Pageants

Nudist beauty pageants are often frowned upon by naturists as they are often seen as a form of exploitation of women. Nevertheless, they were a part of organised naturism for a long time, and continue to be organised in some resorts and clubs. This group provides a platform for the exchange of views on beauty pageants. Pictures or videos of pageants are also welcome.

Eureka SunClub in Essex UK

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I took part in 1990 and 1991 Eureka funday male session.
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of those years but did find a couple online from the 1989 year lol
Think I did have video of 1991 but not sure of quality or where it is, if I find it maybe able to transfer to DVD and take a still picture!
I came second in 1990 and third in 1991 lol so gracefully retired after that lol
If anybody has any images from those years would love to see!

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RE:Eureka SunClub in Essex UK

I remember the funday's being featured quite heavily in H&E back then, especially the children and teenage girls competitions for some reason!

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