Nudist Shenanigans

Shenanigans we get into with our best mates in the nude.

New to Nudity in a Steam Room

Never had the opportunity to use a steam room, so when I was on a cruise ship I decided it was time to check it out. Upon going into the locker room I grabbed a towel and found a locker, from what I have seen, I stripped naked and then wrapped a...

What is something you got to do naked?

Please share a story about doing something naked out of the blue. Sometime that you were able to get naked while doing something that you had no idea you were going to have the opportunity to strip off. I think top of my list was my buddy and I...

asi soy yo

a mi encanta hacer nudismo, pero como vivo con familia no puedo, si fuera por mi estaria todo el tiempo desnudo y comodo

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Gang Showers

When I was in high school, junior year, they completed construction on this huge huge second gymnasium for sports practices and physical education classes. It was as big as a football field with four basketball courts we used for basketball, volley...

Going to Camp with Gang Showers

I was 12 when I went to 6th grade camp that was a week long. It was in the mountains and when we arrived the boys and the girls were directed to separate areas that had cabins for us to stay in while at camp. The boys were divided into small group...

Home from a party

In high school my senior year I lived with my best friend. We did everything thing together. We got home one night and was having another beer out by the pool and decided to get in. We stripped down as we never minded being nude around each other....