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Rum is not that bad

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We had a wine tasting festival a couple months back. And yes there were some amazing wines.

But there was a distillery Booth set up in the mix. So okay I tried their whiskey. Oh was that bad ! So I told them that that Jamison is way better. So they asked if I ever tried their RUM , yeah no ! They said that they have so many awards for it. What no way ! Alright I am a thrill seeker ! So lets try some !

I went back to the table with my rum that I had just tasted. Just to let everyone else try it also. I did not tell anyone how it tasted. Till they tried it. Everyone had the same comments. WOW ! ! It was amazing ! Just one of the best sipping drinks I ever had. I could not believe it tasted that good and everyone else said the same. Well after I used up all my drink tokens on rum, I bought a bottle. Yes it was $45 , but oh I had to have one.

Well I started to look at the rum collection that was in the bottle cabinet. Hmmm it might be a good time for a taste test card night. I had another good rum bottle in the cabinet. So we tried them on an ice cube and large shot glasses. Oh that was a fun night. The one from the festival had a coconut hint to the taste. The one from the cabinet had a hint of vanilla. Oh everyone has to try looking at the different drinks. Rum is pretty good !

I will post a picture of the different bottles as soon as I get my coffee finished

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RE:Rum is not that bad

Whys the rum gone?!

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