Nudist Who Like A Sensual Massage

This is a group for those nudists who like a nice sensual massage, both giving and recieving.

Oklahoma Yoni Massage

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Had 2 older married professional women taught me the art of Yoni massage as used in a full body massage also, massaged them for 10 years until they moved away, would like to find one or two older professional women to provide yoni massage regularly. Very selective only had two others besides my two teachers that where long term clients. One was a school teacher and one was the President of a company, church going educated professional discrete women. Not looking for numbers. Yoni massage is the ultimate stress relief. Meet regularly. Discrete, educated professional, not looking for intercourse. Very fun funny and polite respectful.

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RE:Oklahoma Yoni Massage

Usually takes three sessions to fully get the experience . Each session gets better. After a relaxing full body massage including breasts and all areas, Blindfold doubles sense of touch but not mandatory. Oral usually starts with breasts then nipples then working to the hip bone area taking a long time swirling around the crotch area getting to where the leg meets the labia up over just above clit back down outside of labia below vagina then tightening the circle. When juices flow , touch and lick clit. Insert at least index finger curl up and gently rub top of inside of vagina, the bundle of nerves known as the G spot gently. While licking rubbing clit and lips where it meets the leg. Hip bone area and back down, massaging thighs breasts buttocks and other areas simultaneously . Then below vagina in taint area. Go to behind the knee a very nerve sensitive spot Up to Breasts then nipples back down to thigh labia intersection. And repeat. All after and. During regular full body massage. Basic outline of Yoni massage

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