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Nudist wives motivating other wives

A little story... Many years ago during my first marriage, my then-wife and I attended a non-landed club event. A couple arrived late; the husband got naked and the wife stayed fully dressed. Her husband had "talked" her into accompanying...

When people see your wife naked...

A common question non-nudist friends ask me is when I bring up social nudism is: "Your wife just walks around completely naked?! In front of a bunch of strangers?! How can you stand it???" The idea, of course, is that people can't see...

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Gratitude for nudist wife

My wife was not a nudist when I met her. As a matter of fact she had no interest in it whatsoever. But she recognized the fact that it was important to me. I was a Mazo Beach-goer when we met; and she actually encouraged me to keep going - even...

Atlanta nudists

I hope to meet other nudists in the Atlanta area

New to this new group

Hi all. New to the group. I'm not married but I do appreciate married women.