Nudists That Love To Travel

Whether you travel or plan on traveling. Near or far. Finding places to be nude while traveling to different locations.

What is your most unexpected..

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While traveling what is the most unexpected thing you have been able to do in the buff? For me it would be going hot air ballooning outside Melbourne Australia. Two of us out of six bared all. Our friends just rolled their eyes. Another would be doing a short skinny dip in The Pink Lake in Senegal with my traveling companions looking on but not knowing since the water was opaque.
Please share yours.

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RE:What is your most unexpected..

In Iceland I visited the famous blue lagoon. Off in the fog away from folks with a waterproof camera I got buck Nekked and photographed myself!

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RE:What is your most unexpected..

Yeah it is even better when you get to document the nudity with a pic or two. My hot air balloon ride is. But not the pink lake dip

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