Nudists Who Like Gaming

This is a group for nudists who like gaming. Rpg, shooter, online multiplayer, what ever anyone likes, be kind!


I have recently started a discord for gamers

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Xbox gamer

I am on Xbox and play almost anything. I'm looking for others to game with.

Looking to start an ongoing RPG campaign

I am looking to start an RPG campaign using the DungeonWorld rules. Willing to use Roll20+Discord or Zoom to run the sessions. Bi-weekly on a week night would be my preference. Newbies (and newdies) are welcome. Let me know if you are interested or...

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Tabletop Gaming.

I'm an old tabletop gamer. I've been RPGing since the early '80's. It would be great to have a nudist gaming group.

I Play....

On my xbox and usually Battlefield 1 naked of course

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by nudistguycmh 

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