Whether you enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror, or even your own photos. If you're vain or just proud to be nude. Appreciating the beauty of nudity begins by appreciating it in ourselves.

Getting pics in many different settings

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I like getting naked pics; the 60+ posted on my profile confirms that. But I'm sort of preoccupied with getting them in as many different settings as I can. The outdoor scenery shot is easiest to capture in remote locations. So most of my posted pics reflect that. I guess my angle is mostly a "vacation pic" approach. When I review them, I enjoy them even more if I had an opportunity to be naked where ever it was.

I don't visit this group often when I'm using my laptop, things don't show up the same on my phone. I can't deny I was pleased to see the group icon photo today. Me, overlooking the Mediterranean from a beach near Malaga. I decided to to a "railing" series, and that fit the bill perfectly.

I'd be interested to know other people who are particularly interested in catching naked pics in lots of different locations. But I always enjoy looking at the photos of people who obviously enjoy having their naked pics taken, regardless.

Have fun, keep the shutters clicking!

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