Whether you enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror, or even your own photos. If you're vain or just proud to be nude. Appreciating the beauty of nudity begins by appreciating it in ourselves.

As a new member of the group, I would like to introduce and tell a little about myself.
My name is Jeff-
I've been exploring nudism for just over a dozen years now.
I've gone to 3 different resorts and enjoyed my time visiting each of them.
I'm more of an at-home nudist at this point because of health issues.
While I was a child, I was teased about my body and learned to dislike it.
I tried to keep it covered so others wouldn't tease me as those others had.
I happened upon some nudist pictures on the Internet and was heartened that others who did not
possess absolutely perfect bodies could be absolutely perfect in their own skins.
That thought was incredible to me. I even installed mirrored closet doors so I can behold myself
everyday and continue to accept myself just as I am.
Jeff (NonFictionJeff)

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RE: Hello

Jeff, You have been on the same journey so many of us have travelled. So pleased that the benefits of nudism/naturism have conquered those negative views.

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Thank you.

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Hi JeffThank you for joining my group. It is always so heartening when someone can find this group and know that they are among understanding and supportive friends. I have a much better kinship here than the judgemental textile world. Please post a nude photo of yourself in the photos if you like.

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Welcome aboard! Hope that you enjoy the site.

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