Nudity In Film

The hope of this group is to create an extensive film library that showcases nudity in a positive and non-sexual way.

Nude on TV,

This is a bit offTV instead of film) but check out season 3, episode 6 of The Righteous Gemstones on HBO. Stephen Schneider is found naked jacking on his bed. Hes confronted and they fight. After initially winning the fight he drags his confronter...

Welcome to the Mens Group (Male Nudity)

A fun movie about a mens group, and during one of their sessions, in order to calm one of the members down everyone gets naked.

My Personal Faves So Far

Blue Lagoon (w/Brooke Shields) Emerald Forest Summer Lovers Walkabout If anyone else has some suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Respect for an actor

I don't know about the rest of you, but i have a level of respect for an actor or actress who decides to bare all for a movie. I am not talking porn films but I am referring to movies where the setting requires nudity for it to make sense. A...

Favourite Male Nudity in film

Gilles Marini- Sex and the City movie Christopher Meloni- Oz Oscar Isaac- Scenes from a marriage Paul Mescal- Normal People discuss

At Play in the Fields of the Lord

I dont remember much about the movie but I do remember it was set in the Amazon rainforest; more than one of the main actors were seen totally bare

Nude Tuesday

Nude Tuesday is a Tribeca a film Festival selection. Very much an art film comedy with a somewhat misleading title for those who may be looking just for nakedness in film. writing a review to publish soon.

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Nude when not required

I have read that some men when told they could wear a thong for a nude rear scene, refuse because they feel more comfortable nude than wearing almost nothing. Similarly, some actors and actresses don't wear a robe between takes of nude scenes...

Betty Blue

I just saw Betty Blue which is a psycho drama with erotic scenes but also interesting non erotic nude scenes. The couple is always sleeping naked and they often get up in the night to go to the kitchen or so. They always stay naked after getting out...

Eastern Promises

I rewatched this Viggo Mortensen film last night. I saw it when it came out 15 years ago. I had forgotten how long and extensive the fight scene set in a Russian bath was. 3.5 minutes of intense fighting between two fully dressed individuals and...

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