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SoCal Mentor for Younger Nudists

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I've always been a mentor, I guess. Used to be a coach, I'm a leader of staff, always the one to jump in and get things done/solve problems. Only recently began to realize that I have a ton of life experience that younger guys find helpful. So, figured I'd post in this group...I'm open to chatting with and/or meeting/bonding with local younger nudists to help them explore being naked, confidence and just life stuff in general. Feel free to drop me a DM. Cheers!

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RE:SoCal Mentor for Younger Nudists

I have 2 guys who moved in with me since they were evicted from their apartment. After they moved in I told them I am a nudist and stay naked when I am home. They both had no issues but one guy had a little issue with me naked all the time but got over it. I got the other guy to hang naked with me for a couple of hours. But he only did it once but said he woukd do it again.

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