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Travel buddys for Europe. Where can you host?

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Hello Im travelling in UK at the moment and planning to go to a few countries in Europe also soon.

*Please dont send friend request, I would rather you message me on WhatsApp, you will have more chance of having a contact*

If you would like to travel together (on budget) , hitchhike, trek, mountains, cities, meeting strangers, beaches, let me know at some point we can meet and travel together.

If you can host in your place or in car Im happy to talk to you and arrange a stay or travel together. Let me know whats good (and bad) on the locations around you, Im happy for long term hosts also as travelling can be tired at some point, also I would like to make some income during trip so if you have a work or friend with a bar that I can help something, Im happy to hear about that!

Last 2 years Ive been stuck in the pandemic in ndia at Sadhguru yoga centre volunteering daily at isha foundation, I used to do all kinds of activities there and it taught me how to be joyful doing whatever is needed, not only doing what you like. Thats very valuable thing as I see most people today are having deep struggle to do anything in their lives, and their body and mind works agains them and not for them. Also with the virus pandemic there is the mental pandemic and people became extremely fragile and get affected by small things that happens to them in a big way.

I left home with 14 years and started travelling the world meeting people and other dimensions of life, with a deep longing to know the truth, completly lost.

I do yoga everyday and have vegetarian food, I dont mind if you eat meat and we are travelling together, but I will do yoga for at least 90 minutes every day.

Im interested in going to any country in Europe if you can host me for some days or weeks Shambho

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