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The Other Side of Nudism

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A dear nudist friend sent me this. Please read and let me know what you think.

The whole concept of nudism is a complex, difficult one for me to tackle. I love the ideal, be open, no judgement, living naturally. However, I was raised in a nudist environment and it left me a lot of insecurities, scars and mixed memories.

For almost 15 years my parents belonged to a nudist resort, they had a trailer and almost every weekend in the summer we would go.

As a kid it was great. An oasis in the mountains, no clothes, free to explore and play. I had great fiends there, it was the only place that I actually felt normal. I fell madly and forever in love with a girl, who to this day is one of my very best friends.

The problem was that it was one of so many secrets my parents made me keep. I could never tell my friends why we went camping every weekend or where. I couldnt explain this whole other group of friends that would come to my birthday parties. I could never tell family, they wouldnt understand, no one could know, we might lose our jobs.

Puberty was an awkward nightmare. Being cast to the land of naked women in midst of a hormonal storm was awful. At a certain point all the kids started to stay conspicuously dressed.

There also grew this invisible line with all of my friends. I got to see their bodies grow and change and become everything g I wanted. But it was this unspoken thing that we couldnt go there. It was like we were all trying to hold some sense of normalcy.

Eventually when we hit a certain age we stopped going with our parents, then I moved away and my parents put that whole period of my life into some deep dark closet never to be opened.

It can be such a damn beautiful way of life, but it was ruined for me.

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RE:The Other Side of Nudism

Its too bad your friend feels conflicted. On the outside it sounds like he had the best of both worlds. I was not raised nudist but puberty was still awkward even as a textile then. I wish my parents would have had the awkward conversation with me. I think especially in the nudist setting it would have been important to your friend to have had assurance about the body changes and understanding that these changes are natural as we all go through them. I remember the awkward times getting hard, not realizing that not all the time was it sexual. We all know the challenge of holding a book in front of it walking down the hallways at school. I know in school the girls were all taken aside and they got some education the boys did not. I remember the jr high years and changing / showering in gym class. We all were developing differently and at different stages. Since his parents were open nudist and raising their family that way along side other families, I would think it would have been very important to make sure the kids understood and were taught not to feel awkward about natural changes with our bodies.

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RE:The Other Side of Nudism

Secrets and anxiety are the opposite of openness and freedom. Isms have a way of killing exactly what they want to set free. There's a fuzzy line between when alternatitve views and lifestyles become alternative reality. People with a lot of money can always afford to go their own way, but those dependent on the good graces of community and friends need to tread carefully.

As a single dad, I wasn't able to introduce nudism to my sons. A casual attitude to clothes, especially at home and when no one is looking in nature for a quick skinny dip, sure. But social nudism, no. One resort disprespected my authority as a parent by demanding I have a signed legal permission form from my ex for bringing my sons, while I was aware how courts favored her as a woman in custody matters. Banished from social nudism at least in this Puritanical area of the US, I doubt my sons will ever adopt the label themselves. I have experienced too much misandry / double standards against men in the movement to adopt it for myself.

Nudism as I've experienced it is a minefield of repectability looking in, and a one of prejudice from inside. It's a dying movement, deteriorating like the trailers on summer resorts frequented mostly by aging boomers moving away to warmer climes. In pockets like Florida or California, it may be strong as a niche culture or become an attribute of the LGBTQ culture. As an overall movement, it's seen better days, and people won't recognize it until it's too late to change anything.

In the meantime my sons are heading into college - with their peers on their terms - and will figure out a way to ditch their clothes as it suits them, calling it something other than nudism.

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RE:The Other Side of Nudism

Brought up as a nudist but having to keep it a secret! Doesn't that go against some of the very freedoms we cherish as nudists? Yet many of us feel the need to do it - to avoid disapproval from those around us. My life's story has similarities.

My parents were very conservative. Nudity was not allowed outside the bathroom/shower room. As a child I got naked when home alone or when sneaking off into nearby woods. It was a naughty secret. As I grew up my family knew of my interest in nudes - mainly in art. My wife disapproved of nudity outside the bedroom floor. It was not that she minded the children seeing us naked. We were just not allowed to be naked downstairs and definitely not in public. It all changed when she caught cancer and died nearly 11 years ago. I do miss her but, as they say, when one door closes another one opens. I was free to express my nudity openly, starting by joining TN and quickly going on a nude holiday and into social nudity. .. I was done a favor when a boy saw me naked through a window. I live in a small village and within 24 hours the entire village knew. It made life so much simpler (once the initial shock was over). I'm retired so have no worries re any job. From then on I could (and still can) talk openly about my nudism, my nude holidays and other experiences. I haven't looked back since.

It is SO much better when we don't have to keep it a secret.

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RE:The Other Side of Nudism

That's a wonderful story; thanks for sharing it with us.

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