Ottawa/Gatineau Nudist

Nudist in the GOA and Gatineau as well. Meech lake goers Enjoy sun and fun outside Open to all

Places to be nude outdoors

Just trying to find places to be nude outdoors besides my own backyard. Haha

Biking or Hiking

I did find a great spot to cycle naked on warm summer evenings (and a bit in the day) in Ottawa (anyone want to join me) but I was wondering if there are any good spots to hike naked during the day? My previous home had a place nearby where I could...

ONNO Swim Night

My wife and I had a wonderful time at the ONNO sponsored swim night last Saturday night.If you have not had a chance to join in an ONNO event, I highly recommend it.

Latest Post
What to do, what to do?

I have joined this site last week and must say that so far I have been happily impressed by the friendliness of the people I have met. However, I must say that spending my nights alone on my couch while chatting with people from all over the world...

Winter Vacation

Where are the Ottawa/Gatineau people going this winter for their getaway? We booked a new place in Jamaica that looks great. Hope to meet some friends there and make some new friends.

Ottawa nudist activities this winter

I'm looling for whatever activities may be going on this winter for nudists/naturists to gather together? We have swims a few times each month here in Montreal and sometimes they rent a health club or a restaurant too, but I'm always looking...


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