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For the men looking for a bigger healthier penis. Discuss anything from manual stretching, extenders, pumps, hangers, ad even surgery.

ED problem

What about ED issues, a permanent erect ion might be nice

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Tri-mix injections

Anyone heard of this? Kinda like an epi-pen for ur penis, makes your erection capable of penetration for *hours* Theres videos online of impotent men demonstrating it and looks to be extremely promising. Check it out guys!

Topic picture

I dont understand why the topic pic for group about penis enlargement shows two naked women.

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Hey guys

Hey everyone, I have been looking into enlargement for not quiet a year now. I own aSizeGenetics and a Bathmate and wish I wore them more consistently. But its great to see others interested in enlargement.

What's your thought on Penis Enlargement?

All from what I have read is that penis enlargement is possible. And you don't need a super expensive surgery to have a bigger penis. There is one extender I have been reading about that has been added to the Academic Journal of Urology and...

Just got mine today!

3/9/2015, just started. It's actually comfortable, and since I work from home a lot I can wear it a lot, maybe sleep with it on. I'll keep you posted!

Update: Changes

so far I have been wearing this stretcher for about 2 months. i have noticed 2/8" erect gain and 1/4" soft gain. I wear it for about 3-5 hrs every other day. With school and clinicals going on I find it difficult to find time, especially...

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