People That Are Open About The Fact

This group is for people that are open to others about the fact they enjoy the nudist way of living. They dont have to actually live in a nudist (or clothing optional) community but they are not ashamed to tell others that they are nudists Let's discuss how you have told your friends and family. Did you come from a nudist family? What was your first time experience like? When you did disclose...

Middle Tennessee

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Even at the age of 73 I let everyone know I am a nudist. I live a lone in a one bedroom apartment with my drapes wide open and answer the door naked. Nudism is a natural and wonderful way to live.

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RE:Middle Tennessee

Same here. I have told my neighbors, and am not bashful about discussing nudism with anyone. I was not born with clothes on, and hope like hell I die with none on. LOL

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RE:Middle Tennessee

A few friends know my neighbor knows and is cool with it and some of my wife's side of family know and are cool about it the only one not happy is my sister but that's her problem .my wife's find with who ever seeing me

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