People That Are Open About The Fact

This group is for people that are open to others about the fact they enjoy the nudist way of living. They dont have to actually live in a nudist (or clothing optional) community but they are not ashamed to tell others that they are nudists Let's discuss how you have told your friends and family. Did you come from a nudist family? What was your first time experience like? When you did disclose...

Im completely open

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To telling people Im a nudist , I even encourage others to try , tell them about swims and events . All my friends and family know Im a nudie , and my work colleagues know , must admit is funny playing them up about trying it out

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RE:Im completely open

That sounds wonderful

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RE:Im completely open

Ive been more open about it when I meet new people. A lot are fascinated/interested and want to try it too.

Off course you get the same questions over and over, but didnt we all in the beginning?

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