People That Are Open About The Fact

This group is for people that are open to others about the fact they enjoy the nudist way of living. They dont have to actually live in a nudist (or clothing optional) community but they are not ashamed to tell others that they are nudists Let's discuss how you have told your friends and family. Did you come from a nudist family? What was your first time experience like? When you did disclose...

Greetings everyone
Welcome to this site for those of us that do not keep secret the fact we are nudists.
My name is George Winlock and I have been a nudist for a number of years now. My friends and family know that I am a nudist and am now living in a clothing optional community. Some of my family members (non-nudists) have visited me here (dressed of course)
My first experience was when I went to a nudist campground because I wanted to go skinny-dipping like I used to at the YMCA before it became co-ed and required suits. I dont consider swimming nude at the Y in a group of men and high school boys only as being a nudist experience.
Anyway I enjoyed my visit so much I made a number of visits and then joined the group.
Since that time I have joined a lot of nudist organizations and been on many nudist trips and cruises.
I felt it was important to tell my family and friends I was a nudist because I wanted them to hear it from me telling it in my own way, and not find out from someone else that told it their way.
I dont see anything wrong about being a nudist and refuse to act like I am ashamed of it. I wish more nudists would be more open and maybe we can remove the stigma that society has about us. I would like to see nudity become more acceptable like more beaches and parks where we can enjoy the sun and fresh air all over our bodies and be able to go around without pieces of wet cloth stuck to our bodies.
I would be interested in hearing from you as to what your thoughts are and maybe sharing some of your nudist experiences with this group

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I totally agree with! I have preferred nudity since I was a kid, but there were few opportunities. I made the military my life-career and was fortunate enough to have roommates in the barracks that enjoyed nudity also. Thanks to the military I was able to travel to other countries and experienced more accepting cultures. Visiting nude beaches and resorts just cemented my desire to live nude. Finally upon retirement I was able to start living nude. My close friends know that I prefer nudity, they know they are welcome to disrobe upon entering my home. So far, no one has ever objected and there have been a few folks that revealed they were nudists and had been afraid to say anything.

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I am gonna treat this as the group introduction thread. Hopefully that is the intention. Ok here we go. Hi my name is D'Andre. I was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. My family were not nudist and because of that I was a nudist living in a textile world until I was able to leave the next. That was back in 2013. Up until 4 months ago, I would only practice nudism at home. I made my first social nude participation when I join a local group of nudist and hosted a nude get together at my apartment. It was everything that I was looking forward to and I have been enjoying nudism since.

being a nudist isnt about just shedding clothes but shedding judgement of others, accepting everyone, no matter their shape or size. Its also about Opening your mind to how natural the world could be if we werent caught up in the box that society tries to put everyone in.

With all that said I am focusing on just being a compassionate, open, and honest person with everyone. And hope to meet a bunch of like minded individuals.

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