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nudist with piercings


Ive had a PA for years but Im still thinking about an ampallang. I always thought that was the ultimate piercing for me and something to dream of. Wife didnt like the idea though so I put it off. Might do it now. Really thinking about it now....

Frenum piercing

Hi No piercings at the moment but interested in a bar frenum piercing but would like advice from others who have had it Thanks

A raised pierced nudist

I love to meet real nudist men who dont mind talking naughty if you are interested in talking to me text me on googlechat. leahedaward243@gmail.com

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Prince Albert piercing

Hi Im looking to get some info on Prince Albert piercing. Im getting it the beginning of next month but Im really curious on what to expect when getting it done like the process, how much pain, how much will it bleed and if it bleeds a lot then what...

PA and an uncircumcised willy

Hi all, I'm curious about piercings (mostly scrotal and maybe a guiche) and would be into a PA but have never really thought about it seriously because I don't think it would work with my being uncircumcised. Are any of you uncircumcised and...

PA to Apadravya Piercing

Has anyone else turned their PA piercing into an Apadravya piercing. i have a 00gauge PA (sometimes 000) i decided recently to get the Reverse PA piercing to make it an Apadravya with a 14gauge which i will stretch up in time. for those that do...

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Genital piercings and Doctors physical for...

Just curious if there's anyone out there that has had a physical done for a new job or for any other reason for that matter....and left your PA or other piercings in, just wondering what the reaction was like from the person giving the exam, and...

Prince Albert age of consent

Hello all pierced friends, We hubby and I like a lot al type of piercing, we have some. Our kids begin also to have ear eyebrow nipple ones. However, our eldest son defenitly wants a Prince Allbert too. he has got already tongue eyebrow and nipple...

Male Body Modification Documentary

Ciao guys! I am working on a documentary about men and their body modifications. I am seeking males with any and all body modifications. The research is ongoing and participation levels are entirely left up to the participants. The project will...


Hi considering getting a guiche piercing - any of you have any experiences with that ?


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