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Am ready anytime

Hi everyone,am Jennifer and am on here looking for a nudist freind whom we could both exhange pictures regularly my number is= +1 607-325-1079 my google chat=jennifermason784@gmail.com. My WhatsApp +1(607)3767662 My zangi. 1065996167. My signal...

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Skin Bridge

My penis is not actually pierced but does have an artifact left over from circumcision that I believe is commonly known as a skin bridge. I occasionally insert genital jewelry for aesthetic values. Anyone else have similar circumcision scars? Do you...

Piercing response on forum

I am glad to have found this group. I am scheduled to have a PA soon. On the forum I asked a question about how this would be received by fellow nudist and I received some very negative responses. Obviously the people in this group don't agree....


Ive had a PA for years but Im still thinking about an ampallang. I always thought that was the ultimate piercing for me and something to dream of. Wife didnt like the idea though so I put it off. Might do it now. Really thinking about it now....

Frenums and Nipples

I have had my first frenum about 6 years ago. I currently have 4 frenums and both nipples pierced, My frenum gauges are 2, 4, 6 and 8. I got my nipples done about 4 years ago. My nipples are 10 gauge.

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Frenum and Nipple Piercing ...

I debated to go with a tattoo or to be pierced (manopause) ... tattoos were a little too permanent so piercing won out. I have my frenum and nipple pierced ... along with being totally smooth shaven, I love the way the piercings look and feel. I...

Frenum piercing

Hi No piercings at the moment but interested in a bar frenum piercing but would like advice from others who have had it Thanks

Prince Albert piercing

Hi Im looking to get some info on Prince Albert piercing. Im getting it the beginning of next month but Im really curious on what to expect when getting it done like the process, how much pain, how much will it bleed and if it bleeds a lot then what...

PA and an uncircumcised willy

Hi all, I'm curious about piercings (mostly scrotal and maybe a guiche) and would be into a PA but have never really thought about it seriously because I don't think it would work with my being uncircumcised. Are any of you uncircumcised and...