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nudist with piercings

PA piercing Is booked

I always wanted a PA piercing but i couldnt get one as my foreskin was too tight Well, long story short I no longer have foreskin and since its now fully healed, Ive got my appointment booked to get a PA this afternoon! Im hoping they will pierce it...

Frenum piercing

Hi No piercings at the moment but interested in a bar frenum piercing but would like advice from others who have had it Thanks

PA and an uncircumcised willy

Hi all, I'm curious about piercings (mostly scrotal and maybe a guiche) and would be into a PA but have never really thought about it seriously because I don't think it would work with my being uncircumcised. Are any of you uncircumcised and...


Hi considering getting a guiche piercing - any of you have any experiences with that ?

Only six

At one time I had 17 piercings but I took most of them out for various reasons ( interfered with sex, uncomfortable, too cluttered or migrated out) Looking back I had 3 done professionally and did a further 25 myself. Yes that's a total of 28....

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Skin Bridge

My penis is not actually pierced but does have an artifact left over from circumcision that I believe is commonly known as a skin bridge. I occasionally insert genital jewelry for aesthetic values. Anyone else have similar circumcision scars? Do you...

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Pierced willy

I have a PA. It is a size 2ga. Have a 0ga for when it stretches a bit more. I got it just because I think it looks cool.

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Piercing Concerns

Hi, Im not pierced yet but really want to get my nipples done to start with. I havent decided what to wear but it will probably be barbells. I travel loads with family and lots for work too and I have a major issue about getting them done. My...

Re-piercing my nipples.

About 30 years ago, I had my nipples pierced. About 3 years ago. both being rejected. After years of wearing them they started getting infected. When I took the nipple rings out, I lost my sensitivity. I want that wonderful sensation again. I'm...


Hello, I'm new here, I'm 48 years old and not yet pierced