Playing Board/card Games In The Nud

For those who would like to unwind and play classic board/card games in the nude such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Dominoes, Poker, Draughts, Othello, Backgammon, Rummy and many others. It would be great to get as many of us as possible to play regularly either in person or play on cam/online. In person would be great, but failing that there are a few free game sites around to enable us to play online...

Online/cam board or card game session anyone?

Is anyone up for playing some board/card games in the nudeon cam? There are a few free gaming sites, and we can use the cams via Skype etc.If anyone is interested, let me know of 2 or 3 board/card games you'd like to play.

Online Games Nights

Hello, Would anyone be interest in some online games nights, board/card games?

any nude games happening west sussex uk

hi im horsham based seeking any fun nude game players local to me male or female ?;)

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Anyone hosting a game night in SoCal?

I'm a big fan of a friendly game night. I was wondering if anyone hosts one of any kind? Board games, card games (regular and TCG), or even video games.

Nude cars or board game groups in Seattle?

Does anyone know of any groups? I'm interested in joining one

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Happy to host Nude Board Game nights in...

I'm looking to host other nudists in my home for naked board game nights. If interested, let me know.

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Nude Game Nights in the Adelaide, So Aus area

To all naturists/nudists in the Adelaide, SA, area...The Adelaide Naturism Meetup group is having another meetup this coming Saturday evening--a Games and Meal Night. Check out our website (Adelaide-Naturism-Meetup group) to join or PM me for...

Happy to host nude games in North Yorkshire

I've got loads of games - just no-one to play them with, I live alone so have lots of free time, my parents were really into games so of course now I am, my garden is nudist friendly & I know of lots of places to walk nude nearby if the sun...

Nude board games in Phoenix Az

hoping to find others who enjoy of course being nude and playing board games or video games or outdoor games with others. Always fun to hang out with others nearby, if close by let me know so we can get together or get a group together for some...

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Nude board/card game session

Is anyone local up for meeting up for a nude board/card games night?