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Hello from the UK!

Hi I'm hoping to find more gaming friends for online play. GTA Online, Bloodborne and Dark Souls are the main ones. my psn is Pppete05 cheers!

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Discord Server

Hey guys, Ive created a nudist discord server. Discord is a text and voice chat app especially for gamer. You can join through this link: Invite all your nude gamer friends :)

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Greeting from OH!

Hello! Just saw this group come up on my timeline and figured I'd say hi. Somewhat new to the central OH region here. Anyone else in my neck of the woods? Be great to get a bare gaming group going. I love board games as well as video games. I...

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by FLBareGuy 
hi fellow gamers

just a quick hi - new to group but a vet at ps3!! doctor2007 is my ps3 name - feel free to add and hopefully give you a game sometime

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I've played Black Ops 2 but Im back on MW3 since I borrowed BO2 from a friend.Anyone still get on there if so hit me up JNute3578. I wanna game nude with anothernudie. Would prefer to game with you in the same place so we can be nude togetherbut...


Welcome and thank you for reading this and a bigger thank you if you join. The aim is to get a group of like minded naked players together either here, online or in person and chat about the lastest games, tips and anything else PS related.

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