Plus20 Nudists

For all nudists and naturists over 20 years old, who love to get in contact with people from their age. Live and enjoy your life! Blank, private and friends only profiles remain outside. If you want to see something, you have to show yourself for this group!

Closure of this group

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This group will be closed with immediate effect and deleted shortly. However, it will be re-established on another platform. You have the admins to thank for that. There are too many spammers, liars, cheats, scammers, love scammers and identity thieves here. It is time to leave now this mafia-website! No more Mafia! If I click to the button "Approve Members" I get the message: "This group information is private. You must join to view this content." This is really a scandal! I am the founder, group-owner and moderator of this group! Before I leave this nice group, then I delete it forever here and found this group again on another platform with better admins!

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