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This group is for anyone who like to practice nude yoga, here is your place.

Yoga for beginners

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Hello everyone, Im in Southern California and interested in nude yoga for beginners. Anyone know where I can go and try it out?

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RE:Yoga for beginners

There are several nude yoga groups / classes in So Cal that I've gone to. You can find them thru site. Some of the classes are just gay men while others are mixed orientation. If you can't find them PM me and I'll send the links that I have found. You can also go to GNI (gaynaturistsinternational) and go to community and you'll see a link to nude yoga, they list by state and county or just do view all records. Most of the links are current but again they don't list all the nude yoga that are out there. There is also in the so cal area a co-ed nude yoga class, mostly men go but there are some females.

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