Pune Nudists Club

Hi this is a group for all Pune residents who love to be nude and free lifestyle. People are welcome and shrare the nude life here.

Skype or hangout

Any Pune or Mumbai Nudists who like to connect over Skype or Hang out? Drop in your skype and hangout id here . .or send me a add request on my id - lottsafun4u (on both skype as well as hangout)... Pls do mention that your id from TN. This is a...

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Nude meetup for Pune (indoor/outdoor)

Hey all Nudist from Pune, Can we plan for indoor or outdoor meetup? Let's know each other so can plan meetup once this pandamic gets finished.

Whatsapp Group of Pune Nudists

Hey there all, Hope you all are enjoying being naked in nature and at home from time to time. I am creating a whatsapp group for only Pune nudists to plan meet ups and naked hikes since monsoon is almost here and we can plan indoor and outdoor meet...

Telegram group for Pune nudists

Hi there! I am creating a telegram group for nudists of Maharashtra, India for discussion, chat and meetups. If you are interested please pm me your mobile...

New whatsapp true nudist group

Hello friends.. I want new whatsapp groups for all true nudist so please send me all Whatsapp no.

What's up group for pune peoples

Guys can we make what's group for pune peoples ? Please reply for suggestions


Want to meet nudist in pune

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Naturist meet program

I attended naturist meet program in Madhya Pradesh State. Anyone wanting to come to all the TN member men, women and couples living in India. Then send your details. Eating and staying is totally free from me.

I am professional massage therapist

Hi friends I am 40yrs Male professional massage therapist live in Kolkata India

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hello , is there any massage therapist in...

I will be at pune on sunday and monday ie day after tomorrow, is there any one who can give massage ? we can spend time and enjoy evening or afternoon.