Raised Nude

Just a group for all that people that have been raised nude even when no nude parents

puberty and grew up nude

talk about puberty hey guys. we are nudists and we re proud to be nude. toshow our bodies. but how ws your puberty? late? early? pubic hairsearly? late fuzz? had u lot of hairs under arms? at age? who helped u? had u some talk with adilts? ( dad,...


In modern societies lives are lived in the shadow of fear of ageing. Psychologists tell us that its all to do with Timor Mortis - fear of death ; with signs of ageing being indicators of our impending mortality. The best compliment seems to be to...

An ordinary childhood

When I was 6 or 7 my parents went with my brother and me to a nudist beach. In that age it would be no problem for me. I looked around and see that my father has public hair and a penis bigger than mine and my mother has breasts and also public...

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Raised nude from age 5 by my dad

Hey guys! Just wanted to share my nudist upbringing, my dad told me and my older brother (5 years older than me) one night that he likes being naked - he used to just chill in his boxers and he said if we minded him being naked. We both said no...

How were you raised?

Were your parent nudist or just raised nude as natural way for you to be?

Advice for Me and my Dad

My dad and I have never been that close, so when I discovered nudism , I thought we could maybe do it together to strengthen our already weak bond. I feel like he would be open to nudism, because he would shower with me when I was very young, he...

Any nudist sons here?

Hello fellow nudists! I'm really interested in connecting with other sons who have fond memories of being nude with their dad. I'd love to share positive experiences of father-son nudity. Dads: interested in chatting with you too.

Hi guys

Wasn't actually raised nude but certainly got there pretty early and wish I could live a 24/7 nude life.

Treff in Muenchen und Austausch

wer kommt wie ich aus Muenchen und hat Lust auf Gedankenaustausch

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how was your puberty ?

as me, u grew up naked, and as me , u was naked since whildhood, but how was your puberty? was a difficult period? did u hide u ? did u had some period u were clothed ? dd u accepted your changes ?