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life is full of things that just dont make sense. we celebrate the unknown & try to make sense out of this crazy world


It is difficult to dispel ignorance if you remain in arrogance.

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Does being a nudist deminish attraction?

For us couples, and I guess singles too, do you feel less attracted to your partner who you see nude on a regular basis? I pose this question after having multiple conversations about the role of sexual attraction in the nudist community. While I...

Here is a random thought

Knowledge is knowing that tomatoes are a fruit. Wisdom is knowing that you don't put tomatoes in a fruit salad.

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by bookworm77 
Clothing optional beyond this point

Would it be wrong to get some of those rustic "clothing optional beyond this point" tin signs you see on Amazon and place them on the posts around some of my favorite non-optional hiking trails?


There are lots of songs out there that mention or refer to be naked, but has anyone else found themselves changing the lyrics to make it about being nude? I was listening to the radio driving to work when the song look Mom I made it by Panic at the...

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TN E-mails?

Shouldn't Emails from True Nudist say you have a Nude friend request? Sound so much more appropriate and hopefully true

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Why would a blind guy want ot go to a sun...

While I was on my way to go to a sun club for the first time, a stripper in a bar ask, "Why would a blind guy want to go to a nudist resort?" As a legally blind man, I am able to see a little, and I have other senses that would enjoy the...

Always wondered

Why do they call something we drive on PARKWAYS!!!!! But something we park on DRIVEWAYS!!!!!!! Just seems strange

Towel etiquette

Part of being a nudist is knowing nudist etiquette. Why are the towels that we sit not marked top and bottom, or clean and questionable?

why do men have nipples?

why do men have nipples? I mean women I can understand bc they feed thier young but why men?