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This is a group for guys to chat, share ideas, make new connections and friends. This is with the understanding that we are all sexual creatures, but that not everything has to be about sex. Male binding comes with closeness accompanied by respect and healthy boundaries. If you want to make some new guy friends locally or world wide, this should be the safe place for you.

Plans for 2023??

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Hey everyone! Does anybody have any fun, nudist related plans or adventures coming up this year?? Let's talk about it!

I'm hoping to visit one new nudist resort this year. I don't know where yet. Open to travel ideas and travel buddies!!

What's yours??

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RE:Plans for 2023??

My biggest plan is to spend a weekend at a nudist resort about an hour away from me. I've only ever gotten day passes and spent a few hours there at a time, but once things get warm enough, I'm planning a weekend camping trip there with my boyfriend to fully unwind.

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