Real Male Bonding

This is a group for guys to chat, share ideas, make new connections and friends. This is with the understanding that we are all sexual creatures, but that not everything has to be about sex. Male binding comes with closeness accompanied by respect and healthy boundaries. If you want to make some new guy friends locally or world wide, this should be the safe place for you.

Younger Men's Nudist Skype Group

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Hey guys! Would you like to have a chat room that's more laid back and not as rude as the one on here? And be able to connect with people around your age from all over the world?? Come join us!! We have people from all over and we're always open and welcome. We have a few rules but it's very lax. Being respectful is the biggest key! If you'd like to join us, feel free! Drop in and say hey! The group is for nudists between the ages of 21 and 45 generally.

If the link doesnt work for you, message me at newdman1989 and I'll get you added.

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