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This is a group for guys to chat, share ideas, make new connections and friends. This is with the understanding that we are all sexual creatures, but that not everything has to be about sex. Male binding comes with closeness accompanied by respect and healthy boundaries. If you want to make some new guy friends locally or world wide, this should be the safe place for you.

RE: Straight Bros No Clothes

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RE: Straight guys hanging - in response to an invitation to hang nude, copied/pasted to here.
A buddy of mine shared he'd been getting nude while car camping, but he'd never gotten nude with other people let alone another guy. We'd been planning on going backpacking together for over a year and we finally took off last week for a couple of days to coincide with the Solstice. We agreed it would be a great opportunity to get naked at the campsite. I casually stripped down to nothing as we were getting our tents up while he stayed in his underwear. I didn't mention anything. At some point he must have made the decision to pull the trigger and pull his shorts off. We had an awesome time cutting wood for the fire, eating some dinner, having a smoke and talking into the night. In the morning, still nude, I encouraged him to take a walk by himself on a nearby trail to commune with nature and feel what that's all about. By the end of the trip we truly bonded and solidified our friendship in a way that wouldn't, and perhaps couldn't, have happened if we hadn't gotten nude together. I felt really proud I could give him the opportunity and the safe space where he could allow himself to experience the freedom only communal nudity - with other men - can give you.
What's been your experience?

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RE: Straight Bros No Clothes

I have an uber straight friend that loves to skinny dip and hang out naked with me and other dudes.

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RE: Straight Bros No Clothes

This is a nice story. Personally, I like to hang nude with anyone who enjoys simple nude time.

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