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Nudity is necessary

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Nudity is a big part of my life. it's something I have to have. As I said in my profile, nudity is like a drug to me. It's relaxing, calming, soothing and I'm simply happier. To me nudity is necessary. I have said several times in other posts that I wish society was more accepting of the nude lifestyle. I believe it will be one day.

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RE:Nudity is necessary

I too feel like you do--it is like a drug for me. I find myself wanting to be nude every moment i am alive. It has now become my lifestyle at home and I am so happy and joyful that I live naked

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RE:Nudity is necessary

Totally agree with your sentiments. Clothes are unnecessary except when the weather demands it or I leave my home. Unfortunately, I need to go DD at times to keep my shoulders and back warm. Socks often in winter. But , yes, its like a drug and a lifestyle choice.
Nude activities such as hiking, camping and the beach are a joy.

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