Retired Nudists

What are you doing nude, now you are retired? A place for us to share our nude experiences now we have more nude time.

Regional meet ups

We need regional daytime US get togethers. Then we get dressed and go out to an early bird special for diner..

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Say hello

Why not introduce yourself and let us know where you're from? I'm miev123 Group moderator and I am from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Members in my area

I live in River Ridge LA. I would like to meet nudists in the New Orleans area.

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Thanks for letting us join

Just saying Hi and a little info about us... We retired 4 years ago. I had reached the age of 60, and Steve had just undergone his 5th heart surgery and had previously suffered a stroke. We sold our London home and emigrated to Yorkshire to be nearer...

Retired and no photos?

We have almost a hundred members in this new group. I'm sure, as retired nudists, we must have one or two, or more photos in our collections. Only group members can view our photos, so if you are a bit shy, relax and share with group members....

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retired days

i have been retired for thirteen years now. not of my being but the company i worked for went belly up in '04. may have been the best thing ever. i then got on the computer and looked for near by nudist camps/lodges. i found five. i felt like i...

The Wonder years

I've reached my wonder years! I wonder where my glasses are. I wonder where my car keys are. I'm just kidding of course. I am retired and have way more time to enjoy my nudist life style. We bought a hot tub, we share nude with friends,...

Hello to the group

Retired in Pacific NW, teach ballroom dancing and bridge, so work for myself. Discovered social nudity last Sept and we love. Moving to SW desert in 2019.

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pleased to be acceptedas member

Hi, I am Rob from Lincolnshire. Happily retired and enjoying life.

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Topics and Photos.

Just so the group members know....You are allowed to post topics and photos to any of our groups. So, why not join in?

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