Retired Nudists

YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST TWO FULL FRONTAL NUDE PHOTOS INCLUDING YOUR FACE to join this group. What are you doing nude, now you are retired? A place for us to share our nude experiences now we have more nude time.

not retired yet... but close

I'm not technically retired... but getting close and wanted to join this group looking for advise. Having never retired before it's a big step and every book store or website has a retirement for dummy's section but which one should I...

More relaxation

Since retiring 2 years ago I have done a lot more traveling in Canada and the USA and enjoying every minute of it as I never have to get in a hurry to get there. I retire to Texas USA in the winter there when we start to get cold here. Enjoy the...

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Best part

What is the best part of being retired do you love the most?

New Retired Nudist

I m pleased to a new member of this group.

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best move ever

Been retired here for 9 years now and best thing I could have done. Live as a nudist and never been happier or healthier. Now have lots of time to entertain my nudist friends and i enjoy their company. just wanted to share. any one in San Antonio...

Summer's here....Yeh!!!!

What are your plans for nude time as the sun shines bright and warm?? How about posting some photos of your activities to share with the group members? Don't forget the sun block!!

Removed profiles

I have noticed a few members have changed the settings on their profiles to private,or to friends only, which is against the rules for the group. They have been removed. If members want to view us as nudists, the same should apply to them.First and...

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I can now officially be a member of this group. Tonight I worked my last shift and retired with over thirty years of government service. Kinda surreal right now , still can't believe it's done but...

For your information

First and foremost, all my nudist groups (9 groups) are for both men and women. The key word is "Nudist" Therefore all members with a blank, empty, private, for friends only, no face pictures or avatars as a profile picture will not be...

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