Riding Nude

I wanted to create this group for the nudists who may not drive nude but they do get to ride nude and enjoy it:-)

Truck drivers don't seem to care?

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My wife does most of the driving so I have the pleasure of riding in the front passenger seat while totally nude. I used to cover up when we would pass a semi-truck. There is just so many trucks on the freeways. I quit covering up. I often recline and fall asleep. Obviously I don't talk to the truckers but I have come to the conclusion that the truck drivers don't care.

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RE:Truck drivers don't seem to care?

Good to hear about the truck drivers enjoying seeing nudes.
The rest area is where I need to get out naked. Lol
I drive a pickup, so I am higher than cars and dont worry about them and never covered up for trucks.

Oh thank you truckers for supplying the US with everything !

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