Segregated Nudity At The Y.M.C.A.

This group is for males who remember when or wish nudity was back in the Y.M.C.A.. But not just nudity. Segregated Nudity. This group is based on the blog,

gender segregated Korean bathhouses

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Time to plan for Spa World. Saturday October 29, Saturday November 19 and Saturday December 31 are our dates. I will ONLY be at Spa World on Saturday November 19th. If any one also like to join PirateBob and I at Spa Riverside on Friday November 18, you are most welcome. The spa is much smaller than Spa World but cost only $20.00 I will be wearing a green wrist band on both of my wrist to help identify me. I will bring some green wrist bands to give out for help in tn identification. Enjoy the spas. Hope to see you all in November. I hope many enjoy the spa dates in October and December also.
PirateBob, Dave, me, my friend Nick and my nephew plan on being at Spa World in Centreville Virginia most of the day on November 19. Who will be joining us in November? Who plans to go in October? Who plans to go in December?Spa World is a 24 hour Korean spa/bathhouse in Centreville Virginia. It is gender separated for only the bathhouse part of the spa which is in the locker room. All must be nude to go into the bathhouse to enjoy 3 hot tubs, chill tub, standing showers, sitting showers, sauna, steam room, kids tub, and a large multi station Jacuzzi pool. Some fathers bring there young sons there was well as adult sons also. I plan to bring my 27 year old nephew as well as a 29 and 66 year old friends in November. The Korean spa/bathhouse is a great place to relax and bond with other males of all ages while experiencing a little bit of the Korean culture. To me the Korean spa/bathhouse is the closest thing to the old YMCA.Who would like to go to a Korean spa/bathhouse? What has your experience been like at a Korean spa/bathhouse if you have been at one?

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RE: gender segregated Korean bathhouses

Hey Billy,
Was raised nudist so never had a problem with open showers of different ages and relations at the gym but I did not start going to Korean spas till I lived in LA. So great. Open tubs, steam room, sauna, dad and sons, communal male nudity. Wi spa was my favorite but my brother and dad liked Grand cause it was smaller.
Would love to join you but am in NYC so will be going to the Spa Castle near me in New Jersey.

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RE:gender segregated Korean bathhouses

I was stationed in Pusan Korea in the late 60's and was able to experience on several occasions the "real" Korean spa. I attended liaison parties with my Korea counter parts where the goal, besides furthering our mutual working together, was to get each other very drunk, eat a lot and go to the baths with our beautiful hostess. Nice times

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