Serbian Nudists

this group was made for nudists from Serbia and its surroundings. Nudists from all over the world are welcome to join this group.Nudisti iz Srbije i nudisti iz EX YU izvolite pridruzite se grupi.Add photos to our group.Any photo of you will be accepted, anyone's.

nudism in Serbia

In our country, there are many beautiful nudist beaches on the shores of rivers and lakes, many beautiful places, hiking trails, hiking trails in forests for nudists only, as well as nudist pools. Welcome to Serbia.

Looking for friends

Hello I'm russian guy, which moved to Beograd Looking company to go to the nudist beach

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by Donnie_ns 
I wonder how much nudism is developed in...

Hello everyone ! I wonder if there are many nudists in Serbia? And also about places of rest in the country.

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