Welcome to SFMEN (San Francisco Gay Men's Nudist Group) Are you a social nudist or curious about the lifestyle? We are a group of fun, social, active guys who enjoy being nude in each other company. Through potlucks, pool parties, nude beach days, and other fun social events. Organized by friendly, outgoing, experienced gay social event planners, this group is sure to be one of the most...

visiting SF in july or september

hello guys, I would like to visit SF during Dore Alley (end of july) or Folsom event (end of september) for 4 nights would love to find a nudist host. we could go out together if you want I'm french canadian, write me back if you want

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Nude house cleaner

currently living in san Francisco. if you need any cleaning, organizing, manual labor .... I would be more than happy to help you out in the nude of course. message me for rates

San Francisco Meet Ups?

Hi members: Delta is a thing, but was wondering if nude gatherings were picking up? Would love to be a part of a nude group getting together, meeting new naked friends. In San Francisco, love Marshall's Beach and would like to explore other nude...

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A big Hello from south bay! San Jose to be exact If you are in my area don't be shy and say Hello ! Naked & Unafraid A

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hello from Vallejo

Just across the bay just saying hello to local nudists


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