Shaved Penis And Scrotum Only

This is a group for guys who like to keep their body hair natural, except for shaving their penis and scrotum. That's all I shave and after experimenting with various combinations of shaved / unshaved / all on / all off it is what I prefer. Please upload your pics of your shaved penis and scrotum so we can share the look!

Shaving by another?

Has anyone allowed another person to shave you? Has anyone wanted to try that experience? I have one once and it is very different.

wearing a cock-ring

I recently bought a heavy-gauge cock ring and am glad that I shave my cock and balls as I imagine that the weight would pull on the hairs and be quite painful. Has any guys experienced this while wearing a cock ring?


Even though this groups title refers to shaving, I think there is more than one way to skin a cat. Thirty years ago, when it was considered kinky, I began shaving my penis and scrotum. Ten years after that my wife suggested I try her epilator, a...

I don't shave but had laser hair removal

Took 11 sessions over about a year. The guy I was with didn't like the stubble and wanted it totally smooth.

Does being smooth make you feel more naked

I have been shaving and keeping myself smooth for several years. I love the feeling and look and I find it makes me feel more naked, especially when I am in social nudist environments. I am wondering if others also find their sense of being nude to...

Changing it up

Ive been shaving my penis and scrotum for most of the last 10 years. What I do like to do is change things up with the bush. I like to keep it shaved about 6 months and then let it grow out for 6 months. Theres no real reason why, but it is a great...

New here

Hi Im Dennis from Indiana. Im happy to be a part of this group as well as groups that prefer the natural look both of which me and my girlfriend practice at some times throughout the year.

New from Australia

Hi I'm new to the group. I have been shaving and waxing for many years. It's the best feeling, I love it.

This is me

Quick post as requested.

Shaved Junk

This is to express my appreciation for being accepted into this group. I love my shaved junk. Tell me about your being shaved experience! You will find me in Beaver Falls, PA. HMU if you are close. Feel free to contact me. Silver Fox

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