Showing Myself Without Shame

We are not ashamed showing our completely naked body to others!

I have no shame in showing myself naked

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Greetings to everyone. As I have said many other times I consider nudity to be natural and I feel no shame in showing myself completely naked to everyone. On the contrary, I want to share my being naked with as many people as possible. It is not a desire to provoke but the desire and the need to be myself in freedom and show myself as I am without any hiding (and no clothing). I like to show myself naked to be seen by everyone and I want to be seen naked not to provoke but to be myself with freedom and sincerity. And obviously I love those who show themselves naked for the same reason as well. I will therefore be happy if you would like to visit my profile to get to know me a little and (above all) look at my photos. I gladly accept any friend requests.

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RE:I have no shame in showing myself naked

I have never been an "Apollo" and I dont care how small I am.With age I have taken from the belly and a slight dorsal deformity is still visible, but it doesnt matter because naturism allows everyone to show themselves in complete freedom: young and old, big and small, fat or thin

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RE:I have no shame in showing myself naked

I totally agree

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