Sixty Five And Up

Absolutely "NO" Private or friends only profiles!!! Must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos w/ face . Must have profile pic. No blank, profiles. For true nudists who want to meet or share with other true nudists!

Sex partner

I'm available for hook up do you want to make an appointment with me text me up

Middle Tennessee

72 years a nudist going on 73 no end in site ! Been a nudist from birth naked as a kid, teen and as an adult. I encourage all families to raise your children as nudist. The younger the better. Soon our nudist resorts well be with out children and...

72 year old Middle Tennessee Nudist

72 year old Middle Tennessee Nudist here in Columbia, TN still going strong. Saying hi to all you over 65 nudist out there! Hoping the young folks take this life style up as well. I hope our children are taught to be nudist as well less the movement...

Longtime SE Wisconsin Nudist / Naturist

Hey, I'm 66 years young, open-minded and have been an ardent nudist / naturist well over half my life. Looking to expand my circle of like minded friends for meetings in the virtual world -- and in the flesh.

New photos

How about the group members uploading some new photos to this groups media page? Let's see how many we get.

Introduction Spartanburg South Carolina lkng...

HI everyone I am Mike. I am looking for singles and couples to mingle with. I know with the virus it has drastically aftected group gatherings at beaches and campground. We can safely mingle with a face covering. If anyone is in the Spartanburg area...

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To old?

So we're over 65, my wife and I were married at 67 years of age ( almost 3 yrs.), we've purchased a 24 ft. camper trailer and joined a nudist resort where we park it year round. We've joined in in naked deck crawls ( a lot of fun), naked...

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florida nude smoothie

central florida loving the home nude lifestyle.. enjoy making new friends

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Members Removed

In going through the group, I have found several members, who after being approved changed their profiles. They have deleted all their photos, changed their profile to "for friends only" or changed their profile to private. They all have...

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