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House Guest Skinny Dipping

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Last Summer, my Sister-in -Law and her boyfriend were visiting. On Saturday morning we were having coffee by the pool. I took some cups in and did a couple things in the house. When I came out, the three of them were in the pool. Half way to the pool I saw that my Sis-in-Law was naked - and then that my wife was. I was wearing gym clothes so I was able to strip down very quickly and was in the pool as fast as possible.

I had first thought my wife was cold, but realized she was covering. She started to relax and I was happy to see her uncover. My stripping down and jumping in helped John relax. We spent most of the day naked in and around the pool. As I have found, being naked together helps open things up and John and I had some great conversations - more open than might have been otherwise.

On Sunday, he and I continued until other people were coming over and we needed to put our suits on. That led to one of the best moments for me - being able to walk through the house naked to get my suit and get ready. Hoping to have more skinny dipping friendly people here this summer , and having been naked together skinny dipping , maybe the door will be open to being naked at other times too.

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RE:House Guest Skinny Dipping

My wife's cousin,Pam was visiting with us for awhile and my wife invited her to go camping with us. I said did you tell her where we go, because we go to a C/O hot spring and spend the whole time naked.My wife said she would like to go but probably would not get naked. This hot spring had 2 nice pools with a sundeck between them and benches to sit down at. So we went and after setting up camp we all went up for a soak. My wife and I stripped right down and got in. Pam wore her suit and seemed to enjoy the warm water, said she never soaked in a primitive hot spring.
After about 20 minutes off came her suit and she stayed naked for the rest of the time we were there.She even walked down with us to the river so we could go skinny-dipping.

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RE:House Guest Skinny Dipping

I really liked this picture with the large rocks in the background, the inviting water and of course the very relaxed people.

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RE:House Guest Skinny Dipping

Great story! It's so nice when everyone can relax and enjoy the comfort of being naked. The friendly conversations that result are a real bonus. Congrats!

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