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This group is for anyone that enjoy to sleep without any kind of clothes,whether in winter or in summer, completely naked here is your place.

Sleep walking while sleeping naked

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Anyone got experiences of sleep walking while sleeping nude?

I will share one later. But feel free to start the stories.

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RE:Sleep walking while sleeping naked

There has been times when I got up and made a sandwitch been seen by my mom and my wife doing that.

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RE:Sleep walking while sleeping naked

This was probably the most embarrassing thing that could happen to a boy going threw puberty.
I was 11 years old I had developed faster than most of the boys my age, we had to shower after PE and you couldn't help but see. I had a very full manly looking bush that camouflaged my penis the head is all that you could see of it.
I had slept naked before I even started school. Mom would dress me for bed and I would undress myself and got tired of fighting a loosing battle, plus dad slept naked and I was gonna be like my dad. Now I wasn't shy in any way or timid when I was starting to sprout I was kind of showoffish at school being so far ahead of the other boys I was proud, I didn't have a reason or anything never came about for me to be naked in front of mom and dad.
We had company one school night there was my sister her husband and step son and the next door neighbor and his wife, my sister was 18 years older than me.
Well I went to my room early to study for a test the next day, I got tired and went into bed naked just like usual.
I had never got caught sleep walking before and don't know if this was a first or if I had before and never new because I didn't get caught.
As the story goes I got up and walked threw the living room tight in front of the company and went into the kitchen where mom and sis was and I started telling mom I won on some kind of carnival game. My mom got behind me and guided me back to my room.
I got up the next morning went to school got home and my dad was home early from work so I knew something was up as soon as I got off the school bus. He called me to the garage and chewed my ass bad and I had no idea what he was talking about he thought I was being a show off and smart ellik and he showed me the back side of his hand a few times. I finally get inside and was trying to dry my eyes up so mom didn't see me crying. But that didn't happen. She questioned me if dad had talked to me and I told her. I said but I don't know why I went to bed last night and got up this morning like usual. Mom knew I had no idea of what I had done the night before. She started telling me and I kept denying that it happened, well my sister had a Polaroid instant camera and had took pics of me. Yes I was terribly embarrassed oh yes I had an erection and it wasn't just the head poking out when she took pics.

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RE:Sleep walking while sleeping naked

I was home from college for some vacation or other, and somehow ended up naked in the bathtub in the middle of the night. No water, just an empty bathtub. My parents were disturbed by the noise of me in the bathroom (I must have been talking to myself), and got me back to bed. All I remember is being discovered and guided back to bed. Never another word about it.

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RE:Sleep walking while sleeping naked

i forgot to reply to my own posting. here they are as promised

When I was about 10 yrs old I exploratory surgery to see if they could find my missing left nut. It might have been undescended. They did not.
So i was in the hospital at least overnight. At that age, I had habit of shortly after going to bed, not sleep walking but sleep running.
I would get down from my upper bunk and race end to end of our small home. My folks forgot to mention that to the nurses
So at some point I got up from my hospital bed probably with just a revealing hospital gown on, and ran the length of the hallway.
Probably did not do my new stitches in the groin much good. To the best of my memory that was my last sleep running.

My first real job out of college had me sharing a 2 bedroom plus home with a roomie in Oak Park. This was the mid 80s so we somehow
survived with one phone. It was in the dining room. Early one morning I sort of awoke to a ringing phone. Awake enough to know it needed
answered. So I came out the bedroom with my morning woodie leading the way. I reached the phone the same time my roomie got there in
his baggie undies. He never commented on my excited state , the phone call was for me. I do not remember who was responsible for that exposure by calling that early.

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RE:Sleep walking while sleeping naked

Very interesting experiences.

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