Small Penis Support Group

The Small Penis Support Group (SPSG) is a group for those who have a small penis and those who support and admire them. There are groups for large endowments, so we decided to have a support group for those of us that are less fortunate. Not all nudists are body confident. This group is meant to help find that confidence with support from others. We encourage all members to write posts and upload...


Ok yall probably knew this topic was coming! My penis is 2 inches when flaccid and 4.5 inches when erect. Post yours and lets keep this going!

Late puberty

Hey everyone. Happy to read u r proud .. i was too during m'y late puberty. I was a very late Blomer .. m'y hormones. M'y body were not ready in th good Time. I was 19when m'y hormones started their jobs So all m'y body was as a...

Taking pics when Im at my smallest

I have to say that I am very grateful for this group. I think there is a tendency for every man to always want his penis to look as big and full as possible. Maybe it is a fear that someone would see us when we are at our smallest. The most...


Thanks for adding me to the group. Wondering about other peoples thoughts on small dicks with foreskin. My foreskin looks long compared to my tiny cock, but without it I guess it would be nigh on invisible. At 50 I am now happy with my size and get...

More comfortable around bigger or smaller...

A question to all my smaller buddies out there. I tend to hang out with naked friends often as well as going to public naked places like beaches. Maybe five years ago I was very sensitive to the size of my penis, but Im pretty much over that now....

Joined your group but...

I'm not certain if the group is private or open. My apologies if I invited myself in. Let me know what needs to be done. In the meantime, I'll be trying to enlarge my meager 4.5" uncut penis.

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Just joined and wanted to say hi

Hi All, New to the group. Are we supposed to post our pics or no? Still trying to learn the etiquette here.

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Small/Micro Kik Group

Hey, guys, if any of you are using kik, I wanted to let you know about a group Ive started there for small and micro endowed guys to revel, celebrate and appreciate each other and our unique physical attributes. Its all about admiration and support...

Group Permissions

Im not logged on as much as I used to be due to my cancer status. Therefore my co-admin and I decided to change the group permissions to public, allowing anyone to join. If any of you have any questions please let us know.

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If you could change your Penis size??

Since this is a support group it might be good to discuss how we'd like to change our penis sizes, or do we even want to do so? As for myself, I get twinges of envy when I see guys with super long penises--they always jiggle around so nicely....


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